cube_l.gif The Guiding Principle

Following the 7-phase model of strategic management, the department has developed its vision and its guiding principle, defining its core competencies.

The vision of the department is to give students and executives academically well-established, realistic and directly applicable management knowledge, leading to permanently changed behavior and getting people and teams moving in a positive way. In other words: It's the vision's main objective to make students, entrepreneurs and executives more successful, at the same time also improving their inner strength.

A guiding principle has put this vision into concrete terms, defining the objectives with regard to the department's "stakeholders" - students, "scientific community", staff members, society, university and trade & industry.

cube_s.gif Students: The students are the Department of Management's partner no. 1 to take on responsibility for themselves and the department. We endeavor to make our students and graduates internationally competitive by means of the best education possible.

cube_s.gif "Scientific Community": Research activities of the department's members help to keep our curriculum in line with international standards. This gives us the possibility of continuous participation in the international research dialog. We consider the publication of our research results through well-known publishing houses and specialist journals an indispensable prerequisite. The department is cooperating with acknowledged domestic and foreign research institutions.

cube_s.gif The Public: We see ourselves as experts in the field of management knowledge, a fact emphasized by the organization of university courses and other activities for graduates and executives. In our opinion, the improvement of management knowledge in all areas of life is an important social contribution.

cube_s.gif Trade & Industry: The Department of Management is keeping in touch with acknowledged national and international business undertakings, ensuring the application of our management knowledge. You will also find the partners of the Department of Management on our homepage

cube_s.gif Staff Members: Only as a team we are able to provide top performance in research and teaching. At the same time, however, everybody is invited to enjoy freedom for his/her personal development. Our staff members are sparing with all resources made available by taxpayers.

cube_s.gif University: The Department of Management is an important part of Faculty of Business and Management. The department's staff members endeavor to contribute to the university's international reputation, on the one hand with their participation in several specialized bodies, and on the other hand by concerted outward communication.

We regard the joint abilities of our staff members, integrated by the organizational learning process, as our core competencies:
• identification and definition of scientifically interesting problems in practice,
• establishment of theories and models, attempting to find appropriate solutions,
• learning from the elimination of false theories and models and
• objectivizing the attempted solutions in publications, courses, talks with entrepreneurs, workshops and lectures, in order to open them to critical discussion with our "stakeholders".

Basically, this means that we see our core competency in finding concise formulations for the problems of strategic management

management credo:

"Never stop trying to combine their business with your pleasure" (Nasreddin)