Thomas K. Maran, PhD

Thomas Maran


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Thomas K. Maran is doing research and teaching at the Institute for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism at the University of Innsbruck since 2021. He teaches at various universities and academic institutions in Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Previously, Thomas K. Maran worked at the University of Klagenfurt and the University of Liechtenstein.

In his research, Thomas K. Maran investigates leadership behavior and tactics and their outcomes in organizations. He also uses modern behavioral analysis and psychometrics to predict strategic decisions of leaders and their outcomes.

At LeadershipWerk in Liechtenstein, Thomas K. Maran supports businesses to develop new digital business models and business model innovations. He also provides assessment centers and coaches executives to develop their leadership and strategic competencies.

In his private life, Thomas K. Maran is a dedicated family person and winemaker.


  Research Interests

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Strategy Analysis und Strategy Development

  • Business Model Development and Business Model Innovation

  • I/O Psychology and Organizational Behavior

  • Leadership Development

  • Leadership Assessment and Psychometrics

  Selected Publications



  • Maran, T., Furtner, M., Liegl, S., Ravet-Brown, T., Haraped, L., & & Sachse, P. (in press). Visual attention in real-world conversation: Gaze patterns are modulated by communication and group size. Applied Psychology: An International Review. (VHB: B, ABS: 3, ABDC:A; ISI: 2.808).

  • Maran, T., Liegl, S., Moder, S., Kraus, S., & Furtner, M. (2021). Clothes make the leader! How leaders can use attire to impact followers' perceptions of charisma and approval. Journal of Business Research, 124, 86-99. (VHB 3:  B, ABS: 3, ABDC: A; ISI: 4.874).

  • Maran, T., Ravet-Brown, T., Angerer, M., Furtner, M., & Huber, S. (2021). Intelligence Predicts Choice in Decision-Making Strategies. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 84(101483). (VHB 3: B; ABS: 2; ABDC: A; ISI: 1.140)

  • Bachmann, A. K., Maran, T., Furtner, M., Brem, A., & Welte, M. (2020). Improving entrepreneurial self-efficacy and the attitude towards starting a business venture. Review of Managerial Science. (VHB 3: B; ABS: 2; ISI: 3.000)

  • Maran, T., Furtner, M., Liegl, S., Kraus, S., & Sachse, P. (2019). In the eye of a leader: eye-directed gazing shapes perceptions of leaders' charisma. The Leadership Quarterly, 30(6), 101337. (VHB 3: A; ABS: 4; ABDC: A*; ISI: 5.631)


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