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Within the context of our courses, students will get to know the following four perspectives of service management:


  1. Theoretical perspective
  2. Strategic perspective
  3. Instrumental perspective
  4. Information-based perspective



In terms of the theoretical perspective, students learn the microeconomic, behavioral and decision principles of service management.

Due to the great relevance of customer-company-interactions in the service field, customer relationship management and management of service brands are particularly important from a strategic perspective. Moreover, the management of service companies with the processes of setting goals, planning, decision-making, realization and controlling are subareas of our courses.

In order to achieve strategic objectives, operative management actions are presented in the instrumental perspective. Included are service-marketing aspects with product-, price-, communication- and distribution-management, personal- and organization management as well as controlling. The instrumental perspective puts its focus on service marketing.

In the context of the information-based perspective, students learn the systematic collection, processing, analysis and interpretation of information, which is obtained by market research.