Study Abroad: The International Student Exchange

paris We want you to go away. And return enriched. We support our students in their quests for international experience in two ways: The Erasmus+ Programme and the MBA Programme of our partners. Continue reading to learn more.



Erasmus+ enables students to participate in exchange programs at international universities for the duration of one semester. Students can finish marketing, branding, and other business courses whereby the graduated courses are credited towards their study in Innsbruck. However, approval from the faculty director or master coordinator is necessary. All nominated students will receive an ERASMUS scholarship.

Who can go?

Undergraduate Students (Study Programme Management and Economics):

Students in at least their third semester of study are eligible for exchange. Students need to have successfully (grade 1 or 2) completed a marketing course in Innsbruck in order to be eligible for exchange.

Graduate Students (Study Programme Strategic Management):

We recommend that students go abroad either in the third or fourth semester of their master studies.

Participating Universities (number of student places per semester, Bachelor (BA) or Master (MA) level)

University of Groningen, The Netherlands (1; BA or MA)

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (1; BA or MA)

Hanken Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki Campus, Finland (2; 1 BA & 1 MA) & Vaasa Campus (2; 1 BA & 1 MA)

KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium (1; BA, or MA)

Università di Pisa, Italy (3; 2 BA, 1 MA)

When and how?

Application deadline for the winter term: March 1

Application deadline for the summer term: September 1

The application process is relatively simple. Students need to send their application documents including a CV, the academic record (Studienerfolgsnachweis), their preferences and a motivation letter to the Erasmus coordinator (Andreas Plank). Additionally, a hardcopy of the application documents has to be handed in at the Marketing/Branding office. Students are then ranked according to their application documents. Finally, the department nominates the eligible candidates.

Simultaneously, students need to select the courses they wish to attend at the foreign university.
That is, students need approval from either the faculty director (for undergraduate students: Fakultätsstudienleiter Prof. Michael Habersam) or the master coordinator (Karin Teichmann).

Simultaneously, students need to contact the University of Innsbruck's International Relations Office and hand in the required forms. 


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