Dr. Mathias Streicher

Assistant Professor

Innsbruck University School of Management
Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism

Universitaetsstr. 15
6020 Innsbruck
Email: mathias.streicher@uibk.ac.at

Tel. ++43 (0) 512 507 72503
Fax. ++43 (0) 512 507 2842

Mathias Streicher


Mathias joined the marketing team in 2010. He is collaborating member of Prof. Krishna's Sensory Marketing Lab at the University of Michigan. 

Areas of Research:
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Perception and Cognition
  • Sensory Marketing
  • Strategy, Information, and Value-Creation Processes SS 2016
Professional Memberships:
  • Society for Consumer Psychology
  • Association of Consumer Research
Academic Functions:
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Consumer Psychology
Journal Publications:

Streicher, M. C. and Estes, Z. (2016). Multisensory interaction in product choice: Grasping a product affects choice of other seen products, Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Streicher, M. C. and Estes, Z. (2015). Shopping to and fro: Ideomotor Compatibility of Arm Postures and Product Choice, Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Streicher, M. C. and Estes, Z. (2015). Touch and Go: Merely grasping a product facilitates brand perception and choice. Applied Cognitive Psychology, Vol. 29(3), 350–359.

Schorn, R. and Streicher, M. C. (2013). Conveying Meaning in Brand Names by Using Time-Inverted Messages. Innovative Marketing, Vol. 9 (3), 35–41.

Refereed conference proceedings and presentations:

Streicher, Mathias and Estes, Zachary (2016), Haptic-to-visual shape priming: Grasping a product affects choice of other seen products, EMAC, Oslo, Norway.

Streicher, Mathias and Estes, Zachary (2016), Shopping to and fro: Ideomotor compatibility of arm posture and product choice, EMAC, Oslo, Norway.

Reitsamer, B.F., Streicher, M.C., & Teichmann, K. (2016). Why Remembering Matters! Sensorimotor Perception and Re-experience as Driving Forces of Consumer-brand Identification. AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, February 26-28, Las Vegas (NV), USA.

Streicher, Mathias (2015). Der sinnliche Konsument. Invited presentation at the Austrian Association of Market Researchers (VMÖ), Vienna

Reitsamer, B.F., Teichmann, K. und Streicher, M.C. (2014). Relax. Recharge. Remember! How Cognitive Reenactment of Wellness and Spa Experiences Stimulates Tourists’ Future Behavior. Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium2014  (CBTS 2014) 5.12.2014, Bruneck/Brunico, South Tyrol, Italy.

Streicher, Mathias and Estes, Zachary (2014), Visuo-haptic Integration Increases Purchase Intentions Via Processing Fluency, EMAC, Valencia, Spain.

Reitsamer, Bernd, Streicher, Mathias, and Teichmann, Karin (2014) Post-Consumptive Experience of Wellness & Spa Tourism – How Re-Experiencing the Past Promotes Tourists’ Behavioral Intentions, EMAC, Valencia, Spain.

Mathias Streicher (2013), Die Relevanz haptischer Kontaktpunkte von Marken, invited presentation at the BVM conference (Kongress des Bundesverbandes Deutscher Marktforscher), Berlin, April 22nd.

Schorn, Robert & Mathias Streicher (2013), Reappraising the Influencing Power of Backward Masked Words, TeaP (Conference of Experimental Psychologists), Vienna, March 24th, 2013.

Streicher, Mathias (2013), Gesture Ma(rket)ing: Action speaks louder than words, working paper at the Society for Consumer Psychology, Honolulu, August 4th, 2013.

Streicher, Mathias (2012), From the Hands to the Mind: Haptic Brand Signatures, competitive paper at the Association for Consumer Research, Vancouver, October 6th 2012.

Streicher, Mathias (2012). Embodied Regulation of Purchase Quantity Decisions: Can a Cart's Handlebar Make the Difference?, working paper at the Society for Consumer Psychology, Las Vegas, February 16th, 2012

Streicher, Mathias (2011). The Multimodal Body of Brand Knowledge: Priming Sensorimotor Experience Activates Brand Knowledge. EMAC Conference, 24th Doctoral Colloquium, Ljubljana.

Awards and Research Grants:

German Market Research Award / Preis der Deutschen Marktforschung 2013 - Best Paper finalist
From the Hands to the Mind: die Relevanz haptischer Eigenschaften von Marken.

University of Innsbruck research grant for young scholars / Nachwuchsförderung Universität Innsbruck 2012
Brand at Hand: Downstream Effects from Brand-Specific Haptics on Knowledge Activation and Brand Choices.

Aktion D. Swarovski & Co 2011 - Fundings / Förderungsbeiträge für die Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck
Consumer Manipulations via Nonconscious Bodily Primes.

News and Media:

Haptica 2014: "Die haptische Signatur von Marken" 

Wissenswert 2013: "Marketing, das unter die Haut geht"  



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