Brand Ventures

Three times per semester, the Brand Research Laboratory welcomes students, practitioners, and academics to 2-day intellectual expeditions to the edges of brand knowledge, called „Brand Ventures". In the evening of day one, our Swarovski guest professor gives a public talk (Lecture) about the findings of an inspiring research project that challenges, in one way or another, conventional brand thought. In the morning of day two, a group of 35 selected participants reconvenes with the professor for a creative workshop in which they evaluate if and how the idea informs participants’ current branding challenges. The afternoon of day two holds „Lab Space“ that workshop participants reserve to meet with professors and discuss research ideas or findings.

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Brand Camp
Every other year, the Brand Research Laboratory invites 35 academic colleagues for a 2 1/2 day „Brand Camp”. The Brand Camp is organized as a barcamp, a dynamic conference in which participants introduce a talk, discussion, round table, or other offerings and spontaneously compose the conference program according to the interests of the audience.

Call for papers until 25th of October.

Swarovski Brand Atelier
The Swarosvki Brand Atelier is a forum to foster interaction between high-calibre international students and Swarovski. We will invite students from universities around the globe to participate in a case study contest which describes a current challenge of the Swarovski corporation. The case will present the information needed to come up with creative and well-thought-out solutions. Student groups will submit their solutions and a jury will select the top 3-5 groups to join a one-day finale taking place at the University of Innsbruck and the Swarovski Headquarters. Attractive prices will go to all successful contestants.

The first Swarosvki Brand Atelier happens in 2011. Details will follow later this year


Swarovski Guest Professors
Throughout the academic year, the Brand Research Laboratory welcomes six international researchers as “Swarovski Guest Professors”. These eminent scholars carry inspiring insights from fields such as biology, religion or management to Innsbruck and discuss their potential implications for branding with students, professors, and practitioners. Swarovski Guest Professors also advance international research with resident scholars and enhance Austria’s leading Master Program in Multi-Cultural Branding with lectures and seminars.

Read more about the Swarovski guest professors…

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