Mag. Sarah Schwarz

PhD Candidate

University of Innsbruck - Faculty of Business and Management

Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism

Universitaetsstr. 15
Room o.3.26
6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 (0) 512/507 72555
 Sarah Schwarz NEUSW

After studying International Economic and Business at the University of Innsbruck and the Wilfrid Laurier University, Sarah Schwarz joined the marketing and branding team in April 2019. Her research interests revolve around consumer behavior, specifically consumer culture theory (CCT). She draws upon qualitatively oriented methods such as in-depth interviews, projective techniques, netnographic investigations and (visual) content analyses to investigate into how digital nomads’ consumption lifestyles manifest in experiences of luxury, materiality, and sustainability.

Journal publications and refereed conference proceedings:
  • Schwarz, Sarah, Christiane Aufschnaiter, and Andrea Hemetsberger (2022), "Social Linking Practices Across Physical Distance: The Material Constitution of Sociality," Marketing Theory, Advance Online Publication.  
  • Schwarz, Sarah and Christiane Aufschnaiter (2022), "Brand Nomadicity: Redefining Consumer-Brand Relationships in Liquid Modernity," NA - Advances in Consumer Research, 50.   
  • Schwarz, Sarah (2021), " ‘Going’ Green? Nomadic Consumers’ Paradoxical Journey Toward Sustainability," NA - Advances in Consumer Research, 49, 60–4.   
  • Aufschnaiter, Christiane, Sarah Schwarz, and Andrea Hemetsberger (2021), "Anchors on the Move: Digital Nomads’ Solid Footholds in Liquidity," NA - Advances in Consumer Research, 49, 27–31.   
  • Schwarz, Sarah and Andrea Hemetsberger (2020), "A Luxury Moment to Go, Please: Paradoxes of Luxuriousness Among Cosmopolite Consumers," NA - Advances in Consumer Research, 48, 1215.   
Poster Presentations
  • Aufschnaiter, Christiane and Sarah Schwarz (2022), "Breaking Branding Boundaries: The Materialization of Brands Between Liquidity and Solidity," Consumer Culture Theory Conference. 
  • Aufschnaiter, Christiane and Sarah Schwarz (2022), "The Constitution of Brands as Solid Anchors and Liquid Motors: A Moleskine Case," Brand Camp Conference. 
  • Strategy and Marketing - Seminar (Bachelor; German)
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding - Seminar (Master; English) 
  • Supervision of Master, Diploma, and Bachelor Theses 
International conferences / workshops:
  • Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Corvallis, United States, July 2022
  • Brand Camp Conference, Obergurgl, Austria, April 2022
  • Association for Consumer Research Conference, Seattle, Washington (virtual), October 2021
  • Association for Consumer Research Conference, Paris, France (virtual), October 2020
  • Sheth Foundation Doctoral Symposium, Paris, France (virtual), October 2020
  • Seminar on Methods in Qualitative Research, University of Lille Nord de France, Lille, France, November 2019 
  • Digital Methods Workshop with Richard Rogers, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria, October 2019 
  • Digital Sociology Hackaton with Adam Arvidsson and Alessandro Caliandro, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy, June 2019 
  • Association for Consumer Research (ACR) since August 2020
  • Doctoral School "Organizing the Digital" (EPoS) since September 2019
Recognitions & Scholarships
  • EPoS Young Scholar Research Funding, April 2022
  • Förderungsstipendium, University of Innsbruck, November 2020
  • Leistungsstipendium, University of Innsbruck, November 2020
  • Exzellenzstipendium der Forschungsförderung, University of Innsbruck, July 2020


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