Dr. Robert Schorn

Assistant Professor

Innsbruck University School of Managment 
Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism

Universitaetsstr. 15
Raum o 3.26
6020 Innsbruck
phone: +43 512 507 7212
email: robert.schorn@uibk.ac.at



Robert has earned his Magister in Business Administration (majors in Marketing and Human Resource Management), his Magister in Psychology (majors in Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Psychotherapy), and his Doctorate in Marketing (thesis: Collective Unconscious Brand Knowledge) at the University of Innsbruck. Robert is a member of the Marketing Team since 2002.


 Areas of Research:

  • Consumer Psychology
  • Nonconscious effects in consumers’ thinking, feeling, and behavior
  • Potentials, risks, and prevention of consumer manipulation
  • Consumerism



„Potential Non-conscious Influences on Consumers“
Financed by Austrian Nationalbank
January 2007 – December 2008 

„Nonconscious Influencing“
Financed by Wirtschaftskammer Tirol
November 2006 – January 2009

„Feasibility and Danger of Non-conscious Influences on Consumers”
Financed by Tiroler Wissenschaftsfonds
February 2010 – July 2010


Robert teaches in the field of consumer behavior and market research in bachelor, master, and PhD courses.


 Selected Publications:

Schorn, Robert; Maurhart, Barbara (2009): Influencing Willingness to Pay by Supraliminally Priming the Concept of Honesty. In Advances in Consumer Research Volume 36, eds. Ann L. McGill and Sharon Shavitt, Duluth, MN: Association for Consumer Research, 463-466. 

Schorn, Robert; Tappeiner, Gottfried; Walde, Janette (2006): Analyzing "Spooky Action at a Distance" Concerning Brand Logos. Innovative Marketing 2(1), 45-60.

Schorn, Robert (2005): Kollektive unbewusste Markenkenntnis. Wiesbaden: Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag.


 Refereed conference proceedings and presentations:

The Influence of Conscious versus Non-Conscious Exposure to Advertising Spots on Decision Making, German-French-Austrian Conference on Quantitative Marketing, University of Vienna, 16.09-2010 – 18.09.2010

Influencing Willingness to Pay by Supraliminally Priming the Concept of Honesty, Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Francisco, 23.10.2008 – 26.12.2008

The influence of affective priming via sense of taste on mood, appraisal, and behavioural intention, 2007 NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference, Vienna, 14.10.2007 – 16.10.2007

Influencing Willingness to Donate via Affective Priming, Small group meeting in Consumer Psychology: Unconscious and Controlled Processes, University of Twente, 13.11.2006 – 14.11.2006


Robert still dreams of a perfect world. One of his contributions to make the world a better place is to prevent people from being manipulated without their consent or awareness. In order to reach that goal he discusses with representatives of the government and consumerism and regularly informs and educates the public via lectures, presentations, and exhibitions, as well as interviews on the radio and in newspapers and magazines.