DI Dr. Johann Füller

Assistant Professor

Universitiy of Innsbruck
Faculty of Business and Management
Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism
Universitätsstr. 15
6020 Innsbruck
Austria / Europe
E-Mail: johann.fueller@uibk.ac.at

Johann Füller

Johann is assistant professor at the Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism and since November 2000 CEO of the HYVE AG . In line with his research focus, he regularly gives guest lectures about open innovation, the utilization of online communities and virtual integration of customers in new product development. Johann made himself a name as visiting lecturer at universities and management training institutions in the field of product development and product management. Before, he was engaged 3 years as corporate consultant in the field of strategic change at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He further gained experience at McKinsey & Comp., Siemens and Allied Signal. Johann received his PhD in marketing about “Community Based Innovations - Virtual Integration of Online Consumer Groups into New Product Development" at Prof. Hans Mühlbacher, LFU Innsbruck and Prof. Eric von Hippel, MIT. The graduated technical and industrial engineer completed his career with a master of international business as well as the Euro-Certificate for Engineers. Study visits led him to USA, France and Spain.


Area of Research:

Johann engages in the exploration of innovative behaviour of consumers in online communities and the utilization of online communities for product development. He is further interested in the virtual integration of customers into product development. Thereby, he predominantly occupies himself with possibilities for playful interaction in form of online gamimg.


Current Projects:
  • Füller, Johann, Gregor Jawecki, and Hans Mühlbacher (2006), "Innovation Creation by Online Basketball Communities," Journal of Business Research, 60 (1), 60-71.

  • Füller, Johann (2006), "Why Consumers Engage in Virtual New Product Developments Initiated by Producers," in Advances in Consumer Research, Cornelia Pechmann and Linda Price, Eds. Vol. 33.

  • More...


Working Experience:

In the scope of his function as CEO of the HYVE AG, Johann supports well-known international corporations since more than 6 years with the development of customer focused innovations.