Mag. Martina Bauer

PhD Candidate

Innsbruck University School of Management
Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism

Universitaetsstr. 15
Room o.3.21
6020 Innsbruck
phone: +43 (0) 512/507 7208



Martina studied International Business Administration at the University of Vienna and New Orleans. She finished her studies in June 2009 and joined the department of marketing as a PhD-Candidate in July 2009. Her dissertation is supervised by o. Univ.-Prof. Hans Mühlbacher and ao. Univ.-Prof. Katharina Auer-Srnka (University of Vienna).

Research Areas:
  • socioeconomic influences on consumer behavior
  • investigation of transition situations over the life course
  • consumer-defined luxury
Practical Experience:
  • Shell Austria GmbH, Vienna
  • Borealis Polyolefine GmbH, Schwechat
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Marketing, Vienna

Refereed journal articles:

Bauer, Martina; Auer-Srnka, Katharina (2012): The Life Cycle Concept in Marketing Research, Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, Vol. 4 (1), pp. 68-96.

Bauer, Martina; von Wallpach, Sylvia; Hemetsberger, Andrea (2011): My little luxury - A consumer-centered experiential view. Marketing Journal of Research and Management, Vol. 33 (1), pp. 57-68.

Refereed conference proceedings and presentations:

Bauer, Martina; von Wallpach, Sylvia; Hemetsberger, Andrea (2012): Luxury & Myself - How Luxury Experiences Contribute to Consumer Selves. In: Proceedings of the 41st European Marketing Acedemy Conference, Lisbon.

Bauer, Martina (2011): A Longitudinal Investigation of the Life Course and Lifestyles. In: Proceedings of Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Perth.

Bauer, Martina; von Wallpach, Sylvia; Hemetsberger, Andrea (2010): Everyday luxuries - A consumer-centered view of luxury. French-German-Workshop on Consumer Behaviour 2010, Saarbrücken.

Bauer, Martina; Reisinger, Heribert; Auer-Srnka, Katharina (2010): Household Structure And Dynamic Movements: A Life Cycle Perspective. In: Proceedings of the 39th EMAC Conference, Copenhagen.