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  Professor of Branding

Andrea Hemetsberger is Professor of Branding and Head of the the Department of Strategic Management & Marketing. Andrea Hemetsberger is academic director of the Brand Research Laboratory and speaker of the interdisciplinary research platform Organizations & Society at the University of Innsbruck. Her research revolves around branding and brands as mediators; moments of luxury; brand experiences and self transformation; consumers' pursuit of being different; creative consumer online crowds, e.g. the Free Software and the Open Source movement; visual brand rhetorics on Instagram, and charismatic brand leadership. Andrea has published in leading Journals in the field, e.g. Advances in Consumer Research, Management Learning, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Macromarketing, and Organization Studies.

Assistant Professor of Branding
Christian Reinhardt joined the team in 2018 as assistant professor of branding and lecturer. Christian is practitioner and consultant in the areas of marketing strategy and digital marketing. His research focuses on open source, value creation and the dynamics of the online sustainable fashion market. He published in top scholarly Journals, e.g. Management Learning and Organization Studies.


Research and Teaching Assistant

Ramona Riehle is PhD candidate and lecturer in Branding. Ramona's recently joined the team in 2018. Her research focuses on consumer emotions in skill acquisition.

Jonathan Schöps

Research and Teaching Assistant

Jonathan Schöps is PhD candidate and lecturer in Branding and joined the team in 2016. Jonathan's research focuses on body performativity and visual rhetorics on Instagram, and digital market dynamics.

Sarah Schwarz
PhD candidate

Sarah joined the team as PhD candidate in 2019. Her research interests revolve around digital nomads and moments of luxury.

Verena Wieser

Assistant Professor

Verena Wieser studied International Business Administration at the University of Innsbruck and the Carleton University (Canada). After her graduation in April 2008 she worked in the field of sports event management for several years. She joined the department of marketing as a doctoral candidate in October 2011 and received her PhD in 2015. Her research interest focuses on moralism in branding and consumer research, collective skill aquisition, and charismatic brand leadership.

Carolin Lemoine

Office Assistant

Carolin Lemoine joined the Branding Team in 2013.

 Brand Lab Affiliates

Oliver Koll

Professor of Marketing

Oliver Koll is Professor of Marketing at the Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism, University of Innsbruck. Oliver's research focuses on techniques to understand brand meaning and how consumer brand meaning relates to managerially relevant brand outcomes, like trust, recommendation or purchasing. He also investigates how channel strategies, in particular the entry into discount channels, affect the equity of brands. His publications include outlets like The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the European Journal of Marketing and Psychology & Marketing.


Assistant Professor

Reinhard Grohs is Professor at the Privatuniversität Schloss Seeburg. Reinhard’s research applies innovative quantitative techniques in the fields of branding and marketing communication, particularly in sports sponsorship. His research has been published in outlets like International Marketing Review and Schmalenbach Business Review and was covered by national and international magazines and newspapers.

Katharina Husemann

Katharina Husemann is lecturer in Marketing at the Royal Holloway University of London. Her research focuses on cultural and ideological dynamics within consumer culture/society.

Former Team members

Sabrina GablSabrina Gabl Sabrina Gabl studied Business Administration at the University of Innsbruck. She majored in Marketing and Strategic Management and joined the Branding Team as a PhD Candidate in October 2011. Her research interests focus on paradoxes in branding and consumer research.


Marius Lüdicke
Marius Lüdicke is Privatdozent at the University of Innsbruck and Senior Lecturer at Cass Business School, London. He has been the founding Director of the Brand Research Laboratory from Mai 2010 until Mai 2013. Marius‘ research explores social conflict in dynamic consumer cultures and has been published in reputed outlets including the Advances in Consumer Research, Consumption, Markets, & Culture, Marketing ZfP, and the Journal of Consumer Research.

Verena Brown

Verena Brown
Verena Brown has been Assistant Manager at the Brand Research Laboratory from 2011 until Mai 2013.

Bettina Jais

Bettina Jais
Bettina Jais has been Assistant Manager at the Brand Research Laboratory from 2012 until 2013.

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