Brand Venture 0.9 - "Sneak Preview"

14. Oct. 2010, HS 3, SOWI, Ost Erdgeschoss

18:00 Lecture: “Trading Up: Lessons learned from Luxury Brands”

What is “luxury”? How has the idea of luxury changed over time? Can luxury appeals leverage the value of any brand? Elyette Roux explains how the concept of luxury has evolved and discusses why some brands have successfully entered the luxury market, while others have failed. She presents a tool kit that helps marketers to evaluate, if their brands can benefit from earning an air of luxury.


15. Oct. 2010, 09:00 – 12:00, Marketing Department, SoWi, 3. Stock Ost

09:00 Workshop: ”Trading Up – Hands on”

Participants are invited to select a case of a brand (or line) extension into a luxury market segment and bring material for its illustration. The group works with Prof. Roux’s luxury brand extension tool kit to assess the market potential of these cases and discuss inherent pitfalls and possibilities.

13:00 Lab Space with Prof. Roux and the Marketing Team

After the workshop, we invite you stay at the University and discuss individual research or management challenges with Prof. Roux and members of the marketing team. Please make a reservation for your preferred time slot and discussion partners.

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