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rinalloProf. Diego Rinallo

Diego Rinallo is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Italy’s prestigious Bocconi University. His interest in esoteric myths and religions inspired Diego’s recent work on the magic of brands. Be prepared for the most unconventional approach to branding thus far discussed in the Brand Lab.


12.01.2012, HS 2, SoWi
18:30 Lecture on “Branding as Magic”

Many scholars have adopted magico-religious metaphors to understand branding. In this presentation, this idea is brought to its extreme consequences drawing on postmodern magic theories developed in esoteric communities.
Prof. Rinallo will look at brands as astral entities that, despite being created by humans, are of the same nature as gods and angels. Such theories provide original insights on how to strengthen brands. Prepare for a thought-provoking experience!

13.01.2012, Marketing Besprechung o.3.30, SoWi, 3rd floor
09-12:00 Workshop on “Making Magic With Brands”

In this experiential workshop, we will use neo-shamanic techniques, based on meditation, visualization and poetry, to access a brand‘s mythical landscape, narratives and characters. The images, symbolism and insight thus obtained will result in a better understanding of the brand, based on participants‘ intuitive skills. This approach can usefully complement the more cognitive and analytical approaches prevalent in marketing education and practice.

14-16:00 Lab Space
Creative space for personal talks with Prof. Rinallo and our resident researchers.


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