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The Brand Ventures offer practitioners inspiring new ideas, a state-of-the-art knowledge update, a space for networking, and an intellectual outbreak from everyday routines. Students gain extracurricular insights and the opportunity to personally meet with reputed marketing professionals and academics.


Prof. Koen Pauwels

Philip Kotler

Koen Pauwels is Associate Professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and Ozyegin University, Istanbul, where he teaches and studies how to most effectively measure the returns on marketing investment. He has won numerous prestigious awards including the 2007 O’Dell award for the most influential paper in the Journal of Marketing Research. Prof. Pauwels is on the advisory boards of various major market research companies and serves in the editorial boards offour leading marketing journals.

January 31st, 2013

18.30 Lecture. SOWI HS2

„The Cure for Schizophrenic Marketing: Allocating Marketing Budgets Based on the Full Consumer Journey”

In most big organizations, online and offline marketing departments compete internally rather than serving the same customer. One reason is that these companies do not have attribution models in place that would allow for rewarding generating leads across channels. In his lecture Prof. Pauwels will explain how a ”common currency” for both departments can help solving this problem.


February 1st, 2013

9.00-12.00 Workshop. Marketing Besprechung (o.3.30), 3. Stock, Ost.

“How to Measure and Improve Return on Marketing Investment”

Data overload, media fragmentation and multi-channel management have all complicated the challenge for marketers to prove and improve marketing effectiveness. Prof. Pauwels will guide participants to measure and evaluate the ROI of marketing expenditures, to communicate these insights effectively by means of relevant metrics and dashboards, and to initiate steps to improve marketing effectiveness.


Past Brand Ventures

Brand Venture VIII

 Von Brück.neu

Prof.Michael von Brück

"In Search of (Brand) Identity between the Ordinary and the Distinctive"

Lecture: 28.06.12


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Brand Venture

Prof. Rupert Sheldrake

"Morphic Resonance and the Fields of Body and Mind"

Lecture: 26.04.12
Workshop: 27.04.12

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Brand Venture

Prof. Diego Rinallo

"Branding as Magic"

Lecture: 12.01.12
Workshop: 13.01.12

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Brand Venture

Prof. John schouten and Prof. Diane Martin

"The Evolution of a Consumption Community: Lessons from the Harley-Davidson Experience

Lecture: 20.10.11
Workshop: 21.10.11

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Brand Venture IV Jill Avery

Prof. Jill Avery

"Managing the Dynamics of Consumer-Brand Relationships"

Lecture: 30.06.11
Workshop: 01.07.11

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Brand Venture III tellis


Prof. Gerard Tellis

"Does Online Chatter Matter to Marketers?"

Lecture: 19.05.11
Workshop: 20.05.11

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 Brand Venture II

Prof. Eric J. Arnold

"Building Luxury Legitimacy through the Store"

Lecture: 13.01.11
Workshop: 14.01.11

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 Brand Venture I & Grand Opening Levy

Prof. Sidney J. Levy

"Researching the Brand – Theory and Application"

Lecture: 02.12.10
Workshop: 03.12.10

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