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May 2011 // Brand Venture III with Swarovski Guest Prof. Gerald J. Tellis

On June 30th we were delighted to hear Prof. Gerald J. Tellis, Professor of Marketing, Neely Chair of American Enterprise, and Director of the Center for Global Innovation, at the USC Marshall School of Business lecture about Online Chatter.

Did you know that positive chatter outnumbers negative chatter by factor 2-3 (depending on topic) in chatter quanitity, but the negative chatter is significantly more influential? United, for example, lost 18 million USD in stock value after the "united breaks guitars" song came out on youtube, Apple lost 23 billion in stock value over not responding properly to the iphone4 antenna problem. Prof. Tellis calculates that companies that do not address negative online chatter loose on average 3.3 Mio USD in share values (Börsenwert) every 2 weeks.

19.05.2011, HS 1, SoWi, 18:30

Lecture on “Does Online Chatter Matter to Marketers?”

         Does chatter in online fora and product reviews affect consumers’ perceptions of the brands that are  discussed? Does it influence the market value of a company? And if so, how significantly? Prof. Tellis will explain how marketers effectively analyze user generated online product reviews, detail which types of content they should look out for to assess their brands’ health, and discuss which response strategies are likely to produce the most (and least) desirable outcomes.


20.05.2011, Marketing Besprechung o.3.30, SoWi, 3. Stock


9-12:00 Workshop on “Dealing with Online Chatter”


In this workshop, participants will deepen their understanding of Prof. Tellis’ approach by analyzing the  implications of online chatter in cases such as “United Breaks Guitars” or the Old Spice “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign. Managerial participants are invited to revisit and discuss their own online branding strategies, practices, and experiences and reflect on them with Prof. Tellis and their colleagues.



13. Jan 2011 //Brand Venture II with Swarovski Guest Prof. Dr. Eric J. Arnould

On Jan. 13 we had the pleasure to listen to Prof. Eric J. Arnould from the University of Wyoming, USA, lecture about "Building Luxury Legitimacy through the Store". Eric explained how brands, companies and stores become luxurious by developing their charismatic authority, persona, magic, and linkages to art; how brands develop an ideology of beauty, breatk and rewrite rules, ...  


Prof. Eric J. Arnould “Building Luxury Brand Legitimacy through the Store”

What is the distinctive cultural appeal of a luxury retail Store? Eric argues that luxury retail stands and falls on the legitimacy of a charismatic creator, a Romantic ideology that celebrates magic and artistic creation, and a „marketing of adoration.“ He also offers suggestions for charismatic experience management.“


14. Jan. 2011, Fakultätssitzungssaal Ost, SoWI, 3. Stock

    09:00 Workshop on “Building Luxury Brand Stores”

Participants are asked to bring photos, downloads, newspapers,etc. on stores/brands of their interest. In the workshop they evaluate them in the light of Eric‘s framework and generate ideas for how to luxurize these stores/brands.

    13:00 Lab Space

Creative time for personal talks with Prof. Arnould and marketing team members about actual branding challenges, research opportunities, and other issues involving brand theory and practice.




2. Dec. 2010 //Brand Venture I & GRAND OPENING of the Brand Research Laboratory
with Swarovski Guest Prof. Dr. Sidney J. Levy

On Dec. 2nd we officially opened the Brand Research Laboratory in a festively evening ceremony together with 160 friends, colleagues, fellow  researchers, marketing managers, and Innsbruck marketing alumni. Brand Lab Director Marius Lüdicke welcomed participants with a the brand lab clip and introduced the idea and activities of the Brand Reseach Laboratory. Prof. Märk, vice chancellor of research, and Dr. Andreas Brown, CEO of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, lauded the coopration between the University and the Sponsor Swarovski in their sparkling words and Prof. Hans Mühlbacher shared some history on the origins of the Brand Lab idea. These laudators then opened the stage to Prof. Sidney J. Levy a living marketing legend (of 89,5 years) and dear friend of the department, who infected his mesmerized audience with his passion about brands and brand research. The pictures tell the story of a wonderful event ...



02. Dec. 2010, Kaiser-Leopold-Saal, Karl-Rahner-Platz 3, 2. Stock

18:00 Opening Ceremony

Welcome Address:
Prof. Dr. Hans Mühlbacher, Institutsvorstand
Dr. Andreas Braun, CEO, d. swarovski tourism services gmbh
Prof. Mag. Dr. Märk, Vizerektor für Forschung

18:30 Brand Venture I - Lecture

Prof. Sidney J. Levy: “Researching the Brand - Theory and Application”

Where did the concept of „brands“ come from? Why was it so tremendously successful? And how did its use and role in the modern world; the richness and complexity of its meaning; and its challenge to contemporary researchers and managers change over time? Prof. Levy provides answers and raises questions worth asking.

03. Dec. 2010, Fakultätssitzungssaal Ost, SoWI, 3. Stock

09:00 Workshop on “Researching the Brand”
  Participants will wrap their heads around Sidney‘s talk to evaluate how their new knowledge about the history of the brand helps to better understand contemporary and future directions for branding.
   13:00 Lab Space
   Creative time for personal talks with Prof. Levy and marketing team members about actual branding challenges, research opportunities, and other issues involving brand theory and practice.  


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