SS 17


  • Bachelor´s Programme  of Management and Economics
    • Fundamentals of Management: Strategy and Marketing
      436400 VO Strategy and Marketing (Florian Bauer, Andreas Kallmünzer, Nicola Stokburger-Sauer)
      436401 PS Strategy and Marketing (Andreas Kallmünzer)
      436402 PS Strategy and Marketing (Birgit Pikkemaat)
      436403 PS Strategy and Marketing (Michael Radner)

    • SBWL Tourism and the Service Sector
      436411 PS Development and Design of Service Enterprises (Andreas Kallmünzer, Birgit Pikkemaat)

    • 436420 SE Seminar with Bachelor Thesis (Mike Peters)


  • Master Strategic Management
    • 436081 SE International Management (Kallmünzer Andreas, Mike Peters)
    • 436425 AG Research Colloquium for Master Thesis (Mike Peters) 


  • PhD-doctoral programm
    • 436901 SE PhD-Research Seminar (Mike Peters, Florian Bauer)