First Call for Papers (CfP)

  • Motivation is a phenomenon each and every one of us is confronted with on a daily basis. read more ...
  • The first issue will be published under the editorship of Mag. Dr. Magdalena Kaltseis, MA and Mag. Mag. Michaela Winkler in autumn 2021. 

Information on the submission of papers

Submission of abstracts: 28. April 2021

Length of abstract: about 250 words incl. working title

Topic: motivation

Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, English, German, Russian, Serbian, Slowenian

Notice of acception: May

Submission of paper incl. abstract in English: until 31st July 2021

Peer-review: until 20th September 2021

Final notice of acception: 20th September 2021

Submission of revised papers: 10th October 2021


Assessment grids for abstracts

  • Assessment grid for scientific papers [PDF] and [WORD]
  • Assessment grid for best practice examples [PDF] and [WORD]

Style sheet

Peer review

  • [Procedure] and assessment grid for the peer review process as [PDF] and [WORD] file

 Author agreement

  • DiSlaw-authors need to sign the following [agreement]

[Open Access Policy Statement and Information for Authors] - [Legal Notice]

 Last update (27.08.2021)


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