Third Call for Papers (CfP)


The historical and current global processes of change, which go hand in hand with cultural and linguistic diversity, have led to a continuously increasing heterogeneity of society with ... [read more

[Deadline for abstracts: 19th July 2022]


First Call for Papers: Motivation is a phenomenon ... [read more]

Second Call for Papers: Digital education is nowadays ... [read more]. 

The second issue will be published under the editorship of Sonja Bacher and Wolfgang Stadler in July 2022. 

Information on the submission of papers for issue #3

Submission of abstracts: 19.07.2022

Length of abstract: about 250 words incl. working title

Topic: multilingualism and transcultural learning

Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, English, German, Russian, Serbian, Slowenian and other slavic languages

Notice of acception: 09.08.2022

Submission of paper incl. abstract in English: until 14.10.2022

Peer-review: until 11.11.2022

Submission of revised papers: until 25.11.2022

Final notice of acception: December 2022


Please note that your abstracts and contributions will be anonymised by the editors and sent to the reviewers. 

ISSN of the Dislaw-Journal: 2960-4117 

GENERAL TIME- and DEADLINES for the issues to be published in December and July [here]

Assessment grids for abstracts

  • Assessment grid for scientific-theoretical papers [PDF] and [WORD]
  • Assessment grid for theory-guided studies from teaching practice [PDF] and [WORD]
  • Assessment grid for best practice examples [PDF] and [WORD]

Style sheet and Word-templates

Further contribution-specific WORD-templates:

Peer review

  • Procedure] and assessment grid for the peer review process as [PDF] and [WORD] file

 Author agreement

  • DiSlaw-authors need to sign the following [agreement

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