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Didaktik slawischer Sprachen (DiSlaw) meets the urgent need for a subject-specific language journal for Slavic foreign and heritage languages in German-speaking countries by investigating various issues of language acquisition in a theoretically informed and practice-oriented manner.

Instead of compiling a mere collection of best practice methods, the journal subscribes to the academic tradition of language education as a research- and theory-based discipline with an eye to practical application.

We intend to publish articles in Bosnian, Croatian, English, German, Russian, Serbian and Slovenian. In principle, however, our bi-annual journal is open to all Slavic languages. [read more]


Further information on this journal is also available in Russian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian at the following links:
 [О журнале] - [O časopisu] - [O reviji]
The first four issues will respectively deal with "Motivation", "Distance / Digital Learning", "Multilingualism and Transcultural Learning" and "Personalisation and Differentiation". 

ISSN of the DiSlaw-Journal: 2960-4117





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Special thanks go to Ivana Bulič and Tatjana Koren for their translations. 

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