HPC Seminar


small_box_orangeWinter Term 2013 / 2014

Birgit Waldner
  Impact of Local Dynamics and Potential Interaction Energies on Serine Protease Recognition
  Eduard Reiter
  MHD mode induced fast particle transport in tokamaks
  Xin Ma
  Advanced Material Modelling and Paralllel Computing for the Numerical Simulation of Multi-Phase Problems in Geotechnical Engineering
27.01. Michael Schauperl
  Ferdinando Alessi
  Gemsclaim OpenMP+: Efficient programming support for energy-optimized heterogeneous multicore architectures
  Lorenz Canaval
  QMCF-MD Simulation on 18-Crown-6 binding Sr(II)

small_box_orangeSummer Term 2013

10.04. Thomas Hofer
  Perspectives of Hybrid Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical Simulations - From Complex Chemistry to Proton Transfer Reactions and Interfaces
  Andreas Tirier
  Modelling of Interfaces
15.05. Biagio Cosenza
  Make HPC Easy with Domain-Specific Languages and High-Level Frameworks
  Lorenz Canaval
  Combining a Dissociative Water Model with a Hybrid QM/MM Approach
  Markus Held
  Lattice Boltzmann model for the Charney-Hasegawa-Mima equation
29.05. Yin Wang
  Nanoparticles on a Model Stratum Corneum
  Michael Margreiter
  Non-Covalent Interactions in Drug Design
  Dominik Steinhauser
  Ram-Pressure Stripping Simulations on Galactic Scales
26.06 Nico Schackert
  Elmar Ritsch
  The Integrated Simulation Framework for the ATLAS experiment at CERN
  Christian Kramer

Compute-intensive Parameter Fitting for Atomic Multipole Force Fields.


small_box_orangeWinter Term 2012 / 2013

Harald Höller
  The AWESOME Project: Simulations of Galaxy Clusters
12.11. Roland Huber
  Entropy Estimation from Molecular Dynamics Ensembles
26.11 Lars Bonnes
  Simulations of Quantum Many-body Systems
10.12 Yin Wang
  Membrane Simulations in Molecular Dynamics
  Michael Margreiter
  Aromatic Interactions
14.01. Markus Haltmeier
  Computational Methods for Inverse Problems
21.01. Wolfgang Lukas
28.01. Johannes Wagner / Daniel Leukauf

small_box_orangeSummer Term 2012

Veronika Temml
  David Tskhakaya
  Kinetic simulations of plasma edge on HPC
30.04. Michael Margreiter
  Dispersion Bound Aromatic Dimers
  Lukas Einkemmer
  Exponential Integrators on GPUs
07.05. Julian Fuchs
  The Role of Flexibility in Protease Specificity
  Susanne von Grafenstein
  Protein Dynamics Simulations in Drug Development
11.06. Klaus Kofler
  Automatic Distribution of OpenCL Kernels
  Vincent de Groof
  Monte Carlo Simulations in Iterative Solvers
18.06. Josef Stöckl
  OpenMP 3.1
02.07 Sabrine Kreidl / Gerhard Niederwieser
  Romed Ruggenthaler
  Three-dimensional water bilance modelling on the hillslope scale for Alpine test sites









small_box_orangeWinter Term 2011 / 2012

Roland Huber
  David Geisler-Moroder
  Accuracy Improvements for Computational Methods and Color Rendering Index Calculations in Global Illumination Models
21.11 Marcel Ritter
  Computing Geodesics in Numerical Space Times
  Group Fahringer
28.11. Johannes Wagner
  From polar lows to valley winds: Simulations with the Weather Research and Forecasting model
  Hannes Wallnöfer
09.01. Biagio Cosenza
  An Introduction to Massively Parallel Processors Programming using OpenCL
16.01. Josef Stöckl
  Domain and Task Decomposition
23.01. Sabine Kreidl / Gerhard Niederwieser
  Leo-III & MACH
  Sandra Heinsch / Walter Kuntner
  On three- and four-dimensional excavation-documentation

small_box_orangeSummer Term 2011

josef Stöckl
  Application of multicore processing
  Pierre Beaurepaire
  HPC Strategy for reliability
  Jochen Abhau
  A numerical study of time-splitting spatial discretizations for nonlinear Schrödinger equations: Spectral approximation versus finite elements
  Susanne von Grafenstein
  Applied molecular dynamics simulations
  Julian Fuchs
  Molecular simulations
  Sabine Kreidl / Gerhard Niederwieser / Michael Fink
  Gregor Mair
  Summary of the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds 2011
































small_box_orangeWinter Term 2010 / 2011

Wolfgang Recheis
  Image Processing of Medical Data
22.11. Hannes Wallnöfer
  Protein Flexibility by Computer Simulations
06.12. Markus Haider
  Simulations of Galaxy Clusters
13.12 Ivan Grasso
  HPC in Search Engines
10.01. Philipp Gschwandtner
  The Intel Single-chip Cloud Computer
  Mathias Rotach
  Ensemble Modeling in the Atmosphere: Background and Recent Results from MAP D-PHASE
17.01. Roland Huber
  Entropy Estimation by Molecular Dynamic Simulation
  Dietmar Kuhn
  Report from the European e-Infrastructure Reflection Group
31.01. Josef Stöckl
  Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters
  Dominik Steinhauser

small_box_orangeSummer Term 2010

Josef Seebacher
  Monte-Carlo Methods in Fusion Research
12.04. Katharina Nimeth
  Grid-Applications in Biology
26.04. Andreas Grassl
  PETSc: Leo-II and applications
  Simone Pellegrini
31.05. Wolfgang Kapferer
  Visualisation Packages
  Peter Thoman
14.06 Tobias Riser
  Markus Haider
21.06. Michael Fink
  International Super-Computing Conference 2010
28.06 Matteo Broggi
  Implementation of parallel strategies in a multi-purpose stochastic structural analysis software
  Barbara Goller
  An approach for parallel processing in stochastic, structural model updating
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