Grants of the Russian Center for the promotion of young scientists in Russia or at the University of Innsbruck – Tranche of 2020



Contact information


Home university

Affiliation to the University of Innsbruck or one of the partner universities

Research proposal

Type of research proposal in Russia or at the University of Innsbruck

Scientific orientation

in case of active conference participation

Description of the research proposal (app. 1,000 characters)

in case of specific research project

Cooperation partner

Description of the research proposal (app. 1,000 characters)

Anticipated costs (in euros)

Further comments


The application for the promotion of young scientists, including a description of the research proposal, is to be completed and submitted online in German or English. Furthermore, it is to be printed, signed manually and sent as scan per email along with all other necessary documents (conference invitation or letter of confirmation of academic supervision) to the Russian Center of the University of Innsbruck not later than one month before the trip.

Please print the application form BEFORE clicking the "Submit" button and sign it manually afterwards.

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