The Football and Language Bibliography Online

Authors: Erika Giorgianni, Eva Lavric (members of the Innsbruck Football Research Group)



The Football and Language Bibliography Online is the continuation of the Football and Language Bibliography (paper version) published in „The Linguistics of Football“ (2009). It updates and completes the references given there (from 20 pages they have grown to 100 pages now), containing publications in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian and other languages and cultures.

The main quality of the bibliography is the fact that IT IS INTERACTIVE. It allows and encourages users to post new items, thus becoming co-authors of the bibliography and keeping it up to date.  Users may indicate any kind of reference, not only those of their own books and articles, but also other references they have found. However we restrict the bibliography to published works and documents that can be accessed, excluding references to presentations at summer schools or workshops that have not been published. And we will check the postings before publishing them, in order to prevent spam.

The bibliography is divided into several subsections that are not equally relevant : The most important parts are those about FOOTBALL AND LANGUAGE, FOOTBALL AND MASS MEDIA, MULTILINGUALISM IN FOOTBALL TEAMS. On these points, the bibliography aims to be exhaustive.

But it also contains other subsections that might be of interest, e.g. ‘Football and Other Disciplines’, ‘Sport and Language’, ‘Sport and Mass Media’, etc., as well as a section about ‘Dictionaries’ and a collection of ‘Websites’. On all these points, we do not pretend to be exhaustive, but we are happy about any useful contributions.

We hope that the bibliography and its website might contribute to creating a real scientific community around the fascinating and not yet sufficiently studied subject of football and language.


Erika Giorgianni & Eva Lavric

Innsbruck, May 2013


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Conclusion: A window to the future


This project was funded by an e-learning grant of the University of Innsbruck.

Many thanks to all the football-and-language researchers that contributed their bibliographical references. Our special thanks go to: Jesús Castañón Rodríguez, Jasmin Steiner, Georg Spitaler, Janusz Taborek, Beata Grochala, Peter Lamovec, Michaela Baur, Ludwig Paul, and many others.


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