Vinolingua  -  Wine Terminology


German – English – Spanish – French – Italian


As part of the project Vinolingua, this database was compiled in 2010 by the students Andrea Maier, Felicitas Nouschak and Simone Sanin within the framework of their diploma theses and under the direction of Irmgard Rieder at the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Innsbruck. At that point, the database comprised the four languages German Spanish, French and Italian. In order to get the terminology online, the technical implementation of the database was conducted in 2012 by the students Maria Breitenberger and Elena Weinberg, also under Ms. Rieder’s direction. One year later, in 2013, Elena Weinberg compiled the English wine terminology and added it to the database within the framework of her master’s thesis. Consequently, it is now comprised of five languages.


The aim of the project Vinolingua is to help vintners learn a foreign language against the background of their specialist field wine to an extent that they can present and market their products in that language. For that reason, as one component of the project, this ‘learner’s database’ with its 285 terminological entries around the topics of wine and wine marketing is mainly designed to serve the needs of exactly those wine specialists and takes into account that they are specialists in the field of wine, but that they only have little experience with foreign languages. This is the reason why the database has a special entry set-up with simplified grammatical information and with definitions that have an identical structure in all languages, both with regard to their content as well as to the links that those definitions contain and that lead the user to other entries. This makes it possible to directly compare the languages and to get an insight into the structure of the respective language. Within each entry, it is possible to open a picture of the concept maps so that the user can visualize the direct position of the term within the conceptual field of wine and the concept links that can be found within each entry.

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