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How to search the database for terms?

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There are two different ways of searching for terms in this database: you can either browse the alphabetical list that can be found on the left side of the entries or use the search fieldfor the free search. Above-mentioned search field is situated on top of the alphabetical list and underneath the drop-down list for the language selection (see figure). Within the search field it is generally possible to search for terms in each of the languages with which you work. Yet, this language needs to be set as search language in the drop-down list prior to each search. It is also possible to only enter word variants (see figure) into the search field. As an example, if you only enter the element ‘weight’ of the word ‘must weight’ into the search field, all terms containing the word ‘weight’ will appear as a search result (‘Klosterneuburg Must Weight Scale’, ‘must weight’, etc). When searching for a term by browsing the alphabetical list, that is, without the use of the search field, the two buttons  that can be found underneath the list will lead you to previous or following pages of the list. Said list always displays 20 terms per page.

The search result is always the entire multilingual entry with the terms shown in the different languages. If a term has various synonyms, the main entry term always appears first, even though you entered a synonym into the search field (p.e. the search for ‘density of must’ leads you to the entry with the main entry term ‘must weight’. ‘Density of must’ is listed underneath as a synonym (see figure)).

The links within the definitions (see figure) lead you to other entries and therefore to additional information that can help with the description of the terms.

Additional links can be found underneath the definition. They lead you immediately to the entries containing related terms.

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