Eliza Harris

(Credit: Eliza Harris)

with Johannes Ingrisch (co-lecturer in this course)



Institut für Ökologie



Fakultät für Biologie




Zum Projekt

The "Isotope Ecology" Master course offered in SS 2020 focuses on a deep understanding of stable isotope science and its role in ecological research. The course was divided into three sections: lecture, seminar and practical. All sections were held online due to Covid-19 restrictions, which we used as an opportunity to explore new possibilities in teaching this course. Lectures focused on building a solid understanding of core themes, with case studies from recent literature used to illustrate key concepts. In seminar discussion groups, students presented exciting recent research studies from assigned papers to their peers to deepen their understanding of concepts and their application in real scientific studies. Practical courses used real isotopic datasets to highlight isotope research methods, and show students the scientific and critical thinking methodologies employed by research scientists. The course structure guided students through the world of isotope ecology with increasing complexity throughout the course and required them to exercise critical thinking for a deeper understanding of the topic. 

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