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At the University of Innsbruck, there is a wide range of measures and projects based on research in the field of learning and teaching. These initiatives are supported by various organizational units such as the Staff Development Office, the Office of the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching, the Office for Quality Assurance in Learning and Teaching, the Office for the Bologna Process and Teaching Development, the Office for Equality and Gender Studies and the Unit for New Media ad Learning Technologies.

University learning and teaching deals with all areas of interaction between teachers and students. This interaction takes place in the context of a teaching situation that is specific to institutions of higher education.  

University learning and teaching comprehensively deals with the “space” in which the interaction between teachers and students takes place and the underlying conditions enabling this interaction. Based on theory and empirical research, it describes/defines the conditions for successful interaction between teachers and students in order to reach the desired educational goals. 

Supporting university learning and teaching activities and initiatives thus contributes to the establishment of successful learning situations for students and teachers alike. For this reason university learning and teaching is one of the central tasks of institutions of higher learning.

Based on this understanding of university learning and teaching, the University of Innsbruck offers the following programs and initiatives: 

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Tips and Information for Successful Teaching

e-learning guidelines

Instructions for setting up discussion forums on eCampus

Gender-sensitive university learning and teaching

Accessibility for the Disabled 

Recommendations for holding online exams in the eCampus

ILS guidelines

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