Teaching at the University of Innsbruck

Our teaching site is intended to serve as a virtual center for innovative university learning and teaching methods.

Information on all related initiatives and projects can be found on this site; in addition, papers dealing with university learning and teaching methods are published here, and information on the Award for Excellence in Teaching and its winners is given. 

As there is a wide range of learning and teaching initiatives offered by various institutions of our university, the University Learning and Teaching Portal was established to link all such activities. 

The “Schaufenster Lehre” has its origin in the presentations of the final papers produced in the training courses on university learning and teaching methods offered by the Office for Continuing Education. Many projects are of such a high quality that they deserve a larger audience. This is why they are now accessible to interested colleagues; in addition, the authors can list these papers as peer-reviewed publications in order to underline our strong commitment to teaching. 

The “LehrePlus!” award was established to demonstrate that excellent teaching does have its rewards and that it is highly valued at our University.

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