Survey of first-year students

The first semester is one of the most important phases of the entire study program. Successful integration into the university is not the only factor that determines whether a student will be able to enter the university, but it also creates the prerequisites for the success of a course of study in the first place.

An essential support that the university can offer its freshmen for a successful entry into studies is a sufficient offer of information and advice that supports the "university newcomers" during the important entry phase. "What are the most important first steps at the beginning of the semester?", "What needs to be planned and which deadlines need to be met?", "What exactly will I have to face now?"...

As part of an online survey, first-year students at the University of Innsbruck are asked how well they felt supported in finding their way around at the beginning of their studies.

First Semester Survey 2020/21 (upcoming)

First Semester Survey 2019/20 (german only)

First Semester Survey 2013 (german only)

First Semester Survey 2012 (german only)

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