Individual evaluation

Evaluation Senior Lecturer

If a senior lecturer position can be made permanent, an evaluation of performance is planned within the framework of the existing contract. The procedure developed for this purpose is based on the person-related evaluation of academic staff (see UG 2002 §14 Abs7).

The foundation for the evaluation is the preparation of a self-report consisting of three to five pages plus appendices. The report is reviewed by the supervisor as well as the Dean of Studies (if necessary, in consultation with the Student Affairs Officer).


Procedural flow for evaluation for tenure removal of Senior Lecturer positions (german only)

Guidelines for the preparation of the self-report for the evaluation of Senior Lecturer positions (german only)

Evaluation of Academic Staff

In a 5-year cycle, all academic staff who have permanent contracts or contracts with a fixed term of more than 5 years are evaluated (see UG 2002 §14 Abs7).


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