Information for the voluntary evalution

Online evaluation

Based on the experience gained during the introduction of the new survey software EvaSys, the survey will be conducted as an online evaluation. The students are invited to participate by an e-mail, in which a link to the survey is inserted.

!! New since summer term 2022: online in presence !!

- More flexibility for students and teaching staff
- Very positive experiences (high response rates!)
- Lecturers receive the results of the evaluation shortly after
- Teachers can actively shape the evaluation process

Detailed information to this typ
e of course analysis you can find here


Important requirement: Maintenance of the participant lists

We ask you to keep the participant lists in VIS up to date, also during the semester. This is especially important so that all students can be contacted with the evaluation. The surveys in the past semesters have shown that the lists of participants in VIS are not always complete and up-to-date.


Selection of the course to be evaluated

The setup can be done in VIS-Online in the menu item Persönliche Daten – Meine Lehre. In the Lehreleistung area (left panel), select the LV-Analyse tab.


To do this, click on the menu item "New" and select the evaluation type "Online evaluation". Clicking the button "Next" will take you to the overview of all your courses for this semester. Add the courses with the arrows to the right and confirm your selection with "Next".



Defining the evaluation period

The evaluation period is automatically pre-assigned with the month of the last course date. This is to ensure that the evaluation takes place close to the planned end of the course, or at least in the last third of the course. The dates of the course must be completely stored in VIS in order to be able to define the correct survey time window. 

VIS LVA Terminwahl

Changing the period later

An adjustment of the period is also possible afterwards in the same VIS application (menu item "Personal data -> "My teaching" -> menu item "Teaching performance" -> tab "Course analysis").  With "Open" or double click on the course line the preset date can be adjusted.

Anpassung des Evaluierungszeitraums

If the course analysis should be held at an earlier time, the evaluation date can be adjusted. The changes must be made by the 15th of the month in which the evaluation is to take place. However, the evaluation should take place in the last third of the course period. A shift of the evaluation window to a date after the last registered course date is possible in exceptional cases, please consult the Office for Quality Management in Teaching


All teachers will be informed of the start of the survey by an automated e-mail. One week after the start of the survey, students will receive a reminder email - after another week, the survey will be closed. The team of the Office for Quality Management in Teaching will send you the results reports after the survey is closed and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. The results of the previous semesters are now also available via VIS.


Depending on the type of course, questionnaires are sent out for courses with one or more instructors. The questionnaires can be changed to English online at any time. The samples of the questionnaires created for this purpose are available here.


Publication of results

When the result reports are made available, there is the possibility to publish them in LFU-Online. This requires the explicit consent of the lecturer, otherwise only the Dean of Studies, as the person responsible for quality management in teaching, has access to the data. You can choose whether the reports are displayed with or without the written comments of the students. If you agree, the data will be published immediately. For the sake of transparency and appreciation of the feedback, we recommend displaying the results.


Important deadlines for the winter term 2022/23

Month Change of dates until Evaluation date
October 2022 18.10.2022 from 25.10.2022
November 2022 15.11.2022 from 22.11.2022
December 2022 05.12.2022 from 12.12.2022
January 2023 17.01.2023 from 24.01.2023
February 2023 14.02.2023 from 21.02.2023


Rotation of mandatory and voluntary evaluation dates

Starting with the winter semester 2021/22, 8 faculties per academic year will be subject to a full evaluation (evaluation of all courses of a faculty). In addition, all course leaders can have their courses evaluated voluntarily each semester.


In the academic year 2022/23, the following faculties will be evaluated on a mandatory or voluntary basis:

Academic year 2022/23
Mandatory evaluation Voluntary evaluation
Biology Architecture
Chemistry and Pharmacy Business and Management
Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences Educational Sciences
Teacher Education Psychology and Sport Science
Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Social and Political Sciences
Catholic Theology Engineering Sciences
Language, Literature and Culture Economics and Statistics
Philosophy and History Law
  MA Gender, Culture and Social Change (930 001-019)
  MA Sustainable Regional and Destination Development (146 448-499)
  BA Economy, Health and Sports Tourism (146 400-447)

We are gladly available to answer evaluation inquiries at



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