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In the case of the TAN-based evaluation - online in presence, the course analysis can be activated directly by the lecturer within the course. The evaluation questionnaire is thus accessible for a limited period of time via a direct link or a QR code and can be filled out by the students directly with their own devices. After the evaluation has been carried out, the survey is closed by the lecturers themselves.


  • Simple form of online evaluation.
  • High response rate (similar to paper evaluation), since evaluation is done during the course in the presence of the participants.
  • No registration list is needed in the system. All persons who are present can participate in the evaluation.
  • The course instructor decides on the date when the evaluation will take place.
  • This form of evaluation is also very suitable for virtual lectures, because all participants are already sitting at the terminal and can fill in the questionnaire. The link for the evaluation is shared by the instructor via the chat of the online conference.
  • The instructor receives the results of the course one day after the course has been held.


  • Participants must have a device for filling out the questionnaire (smartphone, tablet or laptop) at the time of the evaluation.
  • Participants who are not present at the evaluation date cannot participate in the LVA.

Setup - online in presence

The setup can be done in VIS-Online in the menu item Persönliche Daten – Meine Lehre. In the Lehreleistung area (left panel), select the LV-Analyse tab.



1. Choose LV analysis type "online in presence" (with "Next" to the next step)


2. Selecting the courses to be evaluated in the "online in presence" mode


3. Set month for evaluation (we recommend to do the LVA in the last third) and "speichern (save)".


4. The event with the LV analysis type "online in presence" is set up. An automatic e-mail with the instruction text is sent.


5. You receive the following mail with the further instructions and the link to activate the LVA in the classroom.



Change to online in presence

If the course dates have already been set up in the system, the course analysis type can be changed from "Online evaluation" (=standard evaluation via email request to students) to "Online in presence" by double-clicking on the desired course.


With OK the course analysis type is changed and the lecturer automatically receives a mail with the instruction text. Changes are only possible in the "Erfassung" status. In the "Durchführung" status, the course analysis type can no longer be changed.


Execution - online in presence

To execute the course analysis in the classroom, open link from the e-mail (instruction text). With this link the survey can be started and stopped.


After the survey has been started in the course, the direct link / QR code to the questionnaire can be passed on to the students (e.g. show the web page via beamer in the lecture, copy the link at the online lecture into the chat or send it by mail, start the survey shortly before the lecture starts and print out the QR code or put the link on OLAT). Please give students about 10-15 minutes to complete the survey and end the survey after evaluation is done.


The survey has been closed and the results will be emailed the following day.



We are always available to answer evaluation inquiries at

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