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Two types of course analysis (LVA)

The courses of eight faculties each are subjected to a mandatory full evaluation or a voluntary evaluation on a rotating basis each academic year.

Mandatory full evalution

(academic year 2022/23)
Chemistry and Pharmacy
Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences
Teacher Education
Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics
Catholic Theology
Language, Literature and Culture
Philosophy and History

Voluntary evaluation

(academic year 2022/23)
Business and Management
Educational Sciences
Psychology and Sport Science
Social and Political Sciences
Engineering Sciences
Economics and Statistics

MA Gender, Culture and Social Change (930 001-019)
MA Sustainable Regional and Destination Development (146 448-499)
BA Economy, Health and Sports Tourism (146 400-447)

Three forms of course analysis (LVA)

Online in presence

The LVA questionnaires can be handed out digitally by the teachers during the course


Online via E-Mail

The LVA questionnaires are sent out to the students once a month


Evalution by paper surveys

Still possible in exceptional cases (e.g. excursions)




Release of reports

Interpretation of reports


Legal basis

Process-description of the LVA


Reports on the results of the course analysis and publication via LFUonline

A few weeks after the completion of the evaluation of the courses, the result reports are made available to the teachers. It is possible to publish them in LFU-Online. This requires the explicit consent of the lecturers. Otherwise, only the Dean of Studies, as the person responsible for quality assurance in teaching, has access to the data. It can be selected whether the reports are displayed with or without the written comments of the students. Publication takes place immediately upon approval.

In the interest of transparency and appreciation of the feedback, the publication of the results is explicitly recommended by the Vice Rector for Teaching and Students.

The publication as well as the viewing of the evaluation results is done via VIS. Under the menu item "Personal data -> "My teaching" -> menu item "Teaching performance" -> tab "Course analysis" the evaluated courses can be viewed. Via the menu item "Open" or with a double click the settings for the course analysis can be edited. At "Period from - to" the desired semesters are selected.

VIS LVA Einsichtnahme

Viewing the evaluation result and release for LFU:online

The input field "Publish result" can be used to specify with "YES" whether the document "LVA without comment (for publication)" can be viewed by students in LFU:online. With the setting "no specification" or "NO" the document will not be published. The document "LVA with comment" is reserved for instructors only and cannot be viewed by the public (i.e. it will NOT be published).

 Under "Document" you can switch between the different result documents. The setting in the field "Publish result" is saved with "OK".

VIS LVA Veröffentlichung

Interpretation of LVA reports

All course instructors receive a report in PDF format after completion of the course analysis (LVA) for their evaluated courses. If the evaluation has been released for publication by the instructors, these reports can also be viewed by all students in the LFU:online course directory. The first part of the evaluation contains a quick overview of the summarized global values for selected groups of questions. The presentation is done as mean values.

LVA Globalwerte

he second part contains information on the number of survey participants for each scale question and a histogram showing the relative frequency of responses, the arithmetic mean, the median, the standard deviation and - if applicable - the abstentions. The legend at the beginning of the report also explains this graphically.

 LVA Legende Skalenfragen

The third part of the report contains profile lines, which on the one hand provide a good overview of the averaged results of all scale questions, and on the other hand allow a direct comparison with the summarized overall results of the University of Innsbruck.

Furthermore, the course leaders receive all written comments of the students on the open questions.

Sample report for course instructors (german only)

Calculation and presentation of the arithmetic mean, the median and the standard deviation (german only)


Academic year 2021/22

In the academic year 2021/22, the LVA will also be designed as an online evaluation. After successful implementation of the new software system EvaSys, two online questionnaires will be used (both are available in German and English):

Sample questionnaire LVA academic year 2021/22 (german only)
Sample questionnaire LVA academic year 2021/22 for several teachers (german only)

Legal basis

According to § 7 of the statute Evaluation of the University of Innsbruck all courses have to be evaluated regularly. The questions on the survey forms have to cover in any case the professional competence, the teaching of the subject matter, the content, structure and scope of the course, the general conditions as well as the study behavior and the student interest.

Process description of the LVA

A graphical representation of the LVA process can be found here: LVA process description (german only)


Course analysis winter term 2020/21 overview

The LV-Analysis was conducted between 23.11.2020 and 22.02.2021 on a voluntary basis as an online survey. The registration and selection of the evaluation period by the teachers was done via a new VIS application.

  • Depending on the course type, questionnaires were available in German and English for courses with one teacher or with several teachers. The aspects of virtual teaching were particularly taken into account
  • 1268 courses/groups as well as 58 courses of the Language Center could be evaluated
  • The delivery of the result reports took place in February and March 2021
  • Launch of a VIS application for viewing and publishing the results

Course analysis summer term 2020 overview

  • New online questionnaire in German and English version, which addresses the aspects of virtual teaching
  • LV-Analysis has been conducted on a voluntary basis as an online survey since June 9, 2020
  • over 700 courses/groups were evaluated
  • 35,000 invitations to participate in the evaluation were sent to students via email
  • Final tranche of latecomers was sent out on July 3, 2020
  • Report preparation took place in July 2020
  • The School of Social and Political Sciences and the Department of Computer Science were fully evaluated
  • There is also an opportunity to participate in the LV analysis for courses in summer 2020


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