Anna Islentyeva

Systemic and Applied English Linguistics: Discourse Analysis: Ideology and Identity

Anna Islentyeva


Institut für Anglistik


Philologisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät


Zum Projekt

This seminar, Discourse Analysis: Ideology and Identity, introduces discourse-analytical methods applied to the study of texts from a variety of genres such as political, media and advertising discourses. It is primarily aimed at the critical investigation of relevant social and political issues. The seminar aims to teach students how to identify unequal power relations that are (re)produced in texts of different genres and to reveal which linguistic tools are responsible for these processes at both the grammatical and semantic level. One of the key goals of the seminar is to raise awareness of notions of power, ideological bias and identity. The seminar demonstrates that discourses and society are closely connected in particular, the socially constitutive and socially conditioned nature of all discourses. This awareness should help students understand the existence of mainstream and counter-discourses and enhance their critical-thinking skills in their everyday life. As an example, students are taught to interrogate the ways in which the identities of different (minority) groups, such as women, migrants, refugees, are constructed in mainstream media and political discourses. Students are encouraged to actively participate in finding data for analysis. For example, students are asked to find contemporary advertisements that they find problematic with regard to the construction of identity (e.g. sexist, racist, etc.). They are also free to choose a topic for their analysis. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the course and express their opinions, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. Students are encouraged to contact their instructor if they encounter any difficulties or injustices in the course, as well as seek assistance in their study groups.


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