Graduates tracking (A-TRACK)
Graduates of the University of Innsbruck
on the job market

Aims and data

The aim of the graduate-tracking is to determine the labor market integration and career paths of university graduates. This is done by means of a register-based analysis of career entry, employment and income opportunities. The project is based on register data from the Main Association of Social Insurance Institutions, the civil register and the register of educational attainment. These are linked by Statistik Austria in such a way that no conclusions can be drawn about individual persons, while respecting data protection.

The project is led by the University of Vienna and supported by the Ministry of Science with structural funds from the Higher Education Area. The studies are carried out in cooperation with Statistik Austria, which provides the evaluated data updated annually. The University of Innsbruck has been involved in the project since 2018.


The graduation years 2008/09 to 2018/19 serve as the basis for the results of the University of Innsbruck (as of March 2021). The data of graduates of 2488 bachelor's programs, 2602 master's programs, 4817 diploma programs and 1205 doctoral/PhD programs were used.


Selected results are available in the form of factsheets by field of study and degree (bachelor's, master's, diploma, doctorate) as well as broader subject groups (ISCED education fields). These results refer to first-time graduates, specifically individuals under the age of 35 who leave the university after completing a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree and do not pursue further studies. For data protection reasons, results based on small numbers of cases (<= 30 cases) are not published. In this case, the presentation of the results of an entire group of studies according to ISCED is resorted to, which summarizes several studies according to content.

The factsheets include graphs on the following areas:

  • Labor market status
  • Duration to first job
  • Top 5 sectors
  • Gross monthly income from full-time paid employment 

Grafik Factsheets



Values reported in the survey are median values, not means. The median represents the "middle person." For example, in income data, 50% of individuals are above this median and 50% are below.


Detailed results by study (factsheets - german only)

Bachelorstudien der Universität Innsbruck

Masterstudien der Universität Innsbruck

Diplomstudien der Universität Innsbruck

Lehramtsstudien der Universität Innsbruck

Doktorats-/PhD-Studien der Universität Innsbruck

Fächergruppen (ISCED-F-2013)

Österreichweite Ergebnisse der Statistik Austria (Tabellen und Factsheets)


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