Is coronavirus distracting us from other pressing social concerns?

Natalie Struwe, Esther Blanco and Alexandra Baier from the Institute of Public Finance have studied the impact of the Corona pandemic on social concerns and published a review article in the Economics Observatory.

The article "Is coronavirus distracting us from other pressing social concerns?" examines whether the corona pandemic is pushing other important social concerns, such as climate change or poverty reduction, out of the public focus.

Due to the scope of the pandemic, Corona is currently at the forefront of social and political debates. Nevertheless, addressing the climate crisis, fighting poverty and improving living conditions are socially and politically relevant concerns to ensure the present and future well-being of humanity. It is of scientific and public interest whether these concerns continue to be perceived in their importance or whether the impact of the Corona pandemic has pushed these concerns back not only in public reporting but also in their perceived importance and urgency. The review article summarizes the current state of research and shows how scientific methods can provide answers to these questions.


Here you can find the link to the original article.

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