About us

The Department of Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Studies (Institut für Psychosoziale Intervention und Kommunikationsforschung, PsyKo) is one of two departments (the other being the Department of Educational Science) carrying out research and teaching activities at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

PsyKo covers four teaching and research areas:

  • The teaching and research area Early Childhood Education addresses issues of education care of children aged 0 to 6 in early childhood institutions and families.
  • The teaching and research area Conflict – Trauma – Violence addresses the theoretical examination and discursive reconstruction of social conflicts and processes of violence, as well as the research on experiences of violence and trauma, their respective consequences and ways of overcoming these.
  • The teaching and research area Pedagogical Professionalisation, Consulting, Training and Further Education addresses research on professionalism and professionalisation in various institutional and professional settings.
  • The teaching and research area Psychoanalytical Pedagogical and Educational Science addresses fundamental and practical issues with regard to psychoanalytical theories, interventions and methods in pedagogy and educational science. 

In the educational science degree programmes (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree , PhD), PsyKo is in particular responsible for teaching in the areas of communication and practical skills, pedagogical professionalisation, scientific theory, methodology and research methods, development and socialisation theories, early childhood education, psychoanalytical pedagogical and educational science as well as trauma and conflict.

Furthermore, PsyKo provides a wide-ranging offering in further education. The university degree programmes and university courses help both graduates of humanities and social sciences programmes and people already practicing in the corresponding fields to expand their qualifications and skills.


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