Studies and teaching

Psychoanalytic approaches are fruitful tools to investigate diverse questions in pedagogical and educational science. The curriculum transmits solid foundations in psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic pedagogy (see Module 9, bachelor’s degree). Psychoanalytic theories are also applied in other subject fields of Educational Sciences, in the bachelor's degree programmes especially in Module 3 (Development and Socialisation), Module 17 (Communication and Practical Skills), Module 20/21 (Fundaments of Educational Sciences – Advanced). In addition, there is a possibility at least once a year, if not every semester, to write a psychoanalysis-oriented bachelor’s thesis (Module 18).

In the master’s degree programme, psychoanalysis is covered in an advanced module (Elective Module 3): “The subconscious in pedagogy, education and culture” (Das Unbewusste in Erziehung, Bildung und Kultur) deepens the understanding of issues relating to development, culture and subject and discusses pedagogical practices from a psychoanalytical perspective. In Module 4, psychoanalytic methods can be practiced in preparation of a master’s thesis. More information can be found in the course catalogue and the curricula for the degree programme Pedagogical and Educational Science (bachelor’s degree and master’s degree) at the faculty for Educational Science of the University of Innsbruck.

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