Studies and teaching

Psychoanalytic approaches can be made fruitful for a variety of issues in pedagogy and educational sciences. In teaching, a solid psychoanalytic and psychoanalytic-pedagogical basic knowledge is imparted. Psychoanalysis is anchored by a separate compulsory module in the Bachelor of Educational Science. However, psychoanalytic theories are also applied in other areas of educational science. In addition, at least annually, if not semestral, depending on the courses offered, there is the possibility to write a psychoanalytically oriented bachelor thesis (seminar with bachelor thesis).

In the Master's program, the psychoanalytic field is represented by an in-depth module (elective module 3), "The Unconscious in Education, Formation and Culture"; in this module, psychoanalytic questions about development, culture and the subject are explored in depth and pedagogical action is reflected psychoanalytically. In Module 4, psychoanalytic methods can be practiced with regard to a master's thesis.

For more information, please refer to the course catalog and the applicable curricula for the study of Educational Science (Bachelor's and Master's program) at the Faculty of Education at the University of Innsbruck.

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