The division has a broad methodological foundation: its focus lies on case reconstruction research into professional fields of relevance to Educational Sciences and on the Professionalization processes occurring there. On the one hand, empirically grounded contributions are made to the theory of pedagogical Professionalization. On the other hand, methodologically reflected case studies are viewed as a significant contribution to processes of Professionalization, consulting, and training. Therefore, the division offers monthly an open to all case workshop in which material from pedagogical practice or other protocols of social reality are continuously analysed.

The case reconstructive research on professional work furthermore offers various connections to qualitative or reconstructive research of education, socialisation, and childhood in general. With so-called natural protocols like research interviews and audiovisual recordings of interactions, written documents, photographs, or drawings the methodologically grounded work contributes also to theoretical fields as interaction theory as well as image theory.

Finally, quantitative studies on training and personality development, school development, health promotion, etc. are carried out in the division.

Research subjects

  • Theories of pedagogical professionalism (Claudia Scheid)
  • Analysis of the relation between theory and practice, considering reflective Educational Sciences (Claudia Scheid)
  • Higher education teaching as a site of Professionalization (Claudia Scheid)
  • Structure and dynamics of mediatory interaction (Peter Münte)
  • Image analysis as an approach to educational processes at the pre-school age (Claudia Scheid, Peter Münte & Jirko Piberger)
  • Basic educational terms and reflections on the fundamentals of educational science (Jirko Piberger)
  • Imagination and transformation of the social in the horizon of education (Jirko Piberger)
  • Effect of teaching under coronavirus conditions on students and participants in university further education offerings (Arthur Drexler)

Current research/research projects

  •  EKLI - Die Einstellung des pädagogischen Personals in Ausbildung zur Inklusion von Kindern mit Beeinträchtigungen in Kindergärten und in der Primarstufe (The attitude of pedagogical staff in training about including children with disabilities in kindergarten and primary school). A cross-state comparative study between South and North Tyrol. A collaborative project with the University of Bozen, applied to at Research Südtirol (research funding by the state government of South Tyrol)
  • The Challenges of Teaching at the Post-Bologna University: Case Reconstructions on Teaching Practices and Teaching Orientations of University Lecturers in Five Contrasting Courses (submitted research project)
  • Pedagogical and couples consulting, University of Innsbruck and Evangelische Beratung
  • Die Interaktion der professionellen Mediation (The interaction of professional mediation; in collaboration with the university of Bielefeld and the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Familienmediation - Federal Working Group Family Mediation, BAFM)
  • Survey of specialist inspectors of religious instruction
    Runtime: 1/8/2021-30/04/2022
    Staff: Eva-Maria Wiest
    Project lead: Martina Loth

Concluded projects

  • Malen als Bildungsprozess. Konstruktionen sozialer Realität in Kinderzeichnungen (Drawing as an educational process. Construction of social reality in children’s drawings)
    The project’s aim is to systematise and differentiate methodological, image theory and education theory approaches (supported by the Swiss National Fund).
    Direction: Prof. Dr Claudia Scheid
    Runtime: 2019-2021
  • T.O.M.I.R. Technologisch optimierte multimodal induzierte Resilienz (Technologically optimised multimodally induced resilience):
    In conjunction with partners, the project involved the design and digitalised implementation of texts to positively influence psychic states. Funded by the State of Tyrol, funding for innovation
  • Bedürfnisse von Kindern und Jugendlichen in Tiroler Einrichtungen (Requirements of children and adolescents at Tyrolean institutions):
    The project’s goal was to represent the lived reality of children and adolescents in the institutional framework of a care institution, the perception of their requirements and their quality of life through their own eyes. Given the framework of the project and the dearth of comparable studies in Austria, this will at first generate an explorative, model view of the life of children and adolescents at stationary facilities in Tyrol.
    Runtime: November 2011 till June 2012.
    Research funder: the State of Tyrol (Dept. Adolescence welfare).
    Project lead: Assistant Professor Dr Arthur Drexler and Assistant Professor Dr Hermann Mitterhofer
    Project staff: Mag. Petra Flieger, Ms Verena Rojer, BA
  • Training and personality. Personality development as a success factor for psychosocial training and further education. Hypo Tirol Bank Research Funding Prize at the University of Innsbruck
  • PHORMS School Development. Design of a parent survey on school development for kindergarten, primary school, secondary school in Munich
  • Evaluation of the admission process at FH Kufstein
  • Analysis of the innovation potential of the Schwaz health and social district: Development of innovative strategic business areas in the field of psychosocial health in a network with relevant stakeholders, particularly in the area of corporate health promotion
  • Lifestyle analysis. A process to classify lifestyles in Austria that can be used in the context of accommodating people with dementia was designed. Funded by DASTA Lösungen für Generationen e.U.r
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