Associations between musical and non-musical abilities


The focus of our current research is on associations between musical skills and non-musical skills, such language proficiency, memory, and empathy. These associations are of increasing interest to psychologists and neuroscientists alike. Yet, due to the absence of a standardized method to objectively assess musical abilities, these connections have been difficult to examine.

To counteract this limitation, we created the Profile of Music Perception Skills (PROMS; Law & Zentner, 2012, Strauß et al., 2015). The PROMS is an objective, multidimensional test of musical abilities that can be administered to large parts of the population online, thereby offering a means for the systematic and cumulative study of musicality.

Currently, we work on the enhancement of the PROMS. For example, we are currently piloting a version for young children as well as a short version (Strauß et al., 2015). In addition, we examine associations between musical abilities and aspects of “emotional intelligence”. Preliminary analyses indicate that people who perform well on the PROMS also show above average emotion recognition abilities and empathy (Strauß & Zentner, 2015).



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