Personality Development


Mauritius Child Health Project

In cooperation with Peter Venables from the University of York, data of the Mauritus Child Health Project (cf. Raine, Liu, Venables, Mednick, & Dalais, 2010) is used to examine the influence of early childhood factors on personality development. As part of this cooperation, the prognostic significance of early childhood behaviour regarding antisocial problems in school age (Zentner, Smolkina, & Venables, 2014) was examined. Also, the stability of cognitive functions from early childhood to adolescence as well as environmental influences in early childhood on the development of executive functions in adolescence was examined (Strauss, Zentner, & Venables, 2016).



Early Childhood Behaviour & Antisocial Problems at School Age

(Zentner, Smolkina, Venables, 2014)

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Early Childhood Risk Factors & Executive Functioning at Adolescence

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