Research Coffee Club

Coffee, cake, and research. Join us for the Research Coffee Club - a biweekly meeting of members of the Department of Psychology, in which recent scientific projects are discussed.



The Research Coffee Club is an informal meeting for everyone who is involved in research. It takes place every two weeks, on Thursdays, from 16:00 to 17:00. The meetings’ aim is to provide an opportunity to discuss scientific topics together, while having a coffee break. Volunteers can present their data, an interesting article, methodological problems or any other topic they feel it is interesting and important to share. The meetings are held in English, and they are a great opportunity for young scientists to improve their presentation skills, but also for senior scientist that would like to have interesting debates.

Important: All meetings will be organized following COVID-19 norms, and your attendance must be registered here.


Time table 

Introduction to the Research Coffee Club
October 29th 2020 - room: tba
Our first meeting - hooray! Get to know what the Research Coffee Club is all about and discuss your expectations with us.

 ... (to be updated) ...

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