All important information of the can be found via the Uniwiki. Please enter a keyword in the search mask or use the navigation "All topics from A-Z" in the left column. If you have any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (!


Opening hours

The psb staff is still there for you. However, many work partly from home and may have limited phone availability. Please write us an e-mail or wait for us to call you back.

If you need a personal appointment (e.g. for a signature), please make an appointment in advance.

Horizon Europe

The 8th Research Framework Program H2020 ends with this year, but in 2021 the new Framework Program Horizon Europe (HEU) will start almost seamlessly and the projekt.service.büro is committed to provide you with all necessary information on this.

Please contact us ( to get initial information on call deadlines when available and support you in any other possible way.


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