Other Team members

Anna Köhl

Anna KöhlAnna Köhl is doing her PhD in Management at the School of Management at Innsbruck University. With Martin Stuchtey and Johann Füller as her supervisors, Anna is part of the Innovation Lab for Sustainability. She focuses her research on the Circular Economy, an economic system offering the possibility to decouple economic growth from resource constraints. She looks at this important topic from an innovation and business model perspective as she holds her master in strategic management. Anna is a Schmidt MacArthur Fellow at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the only fellowship worldwide on the Circular Economy. Together with 18 students and their mentors from well-known universities like Yale, Berkley, MIT, Cranfield University and others, Anna was able to represent the Innovation Lab for Sustainability and the Innsbruck University at a summer school in London and the CE100 summit in summer 2017.


Teresa Pérez Ciria

Teresa Pérez CiriaTeresa Pérez Ciria is a PhD student at the Faculty of Geography at the University of Innsbruck with a background in Civil Engineering. Since November 2016, Teresa is part of the Innovation Lab for Sustainability with Gabriele Chiogna as her supervisor and Ulrich Strasser as her co-supervisor. Teresa aims to conduct an integrated and multidisciplinary assessment of the linkages between, on the one hand, climate and streamflow changes at different temporal and spatial scales and, on the other hand an innovative study of the relation between streamflow, hydropower plants operation, energy market and environmental legislation, that permit assessing the impacts of socio-economic sectors on hydrology. The goal of her research is to improve the current understanding of the alpine hydrological system using different methodologies in order to achieve a sustainable water resources management in the region.

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