Kerstin Neumann

Kerstin NeumannKerstin Neumann is a full professor for corporate sustainability at the Department for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism, and a member of the newly founded “Innovation Lab for Sustainability” at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Before joining Innsbruck in September 2016, she was several years (2013-2016) a senior researcher at Bocconi University’s ICRIOS research center (Department of Management and Technology), Milan, Italy. Kerstin holds a doctoral degree and the post-doctoral habilitation from WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, where she also served until 2013 as an assistant professor.

Kerstin’s research (and teaching) has been focusing on the intersection of corporate strategy and organization theory. In particular, she studies the strategic decision-making and organizational elements of corporate development activities, such as partnerships and alliances. From a theoretical perspective, her distinctive take on such complex processes relies on the introduction of a stakeholder-based view of the firm into (inter-)organizational design and change research. In more concrete terms, her research aims at understanding how managers can develop and guide the sustainable evolution of the business firm within its boundaries and beyond through the innovative use and development of collaborative corporate development activities, particularly alliances. Most recently, she is extending this line of research in an inter-disciplinary manner to the individual-level of analysis by investigating sustainable and collaborative strategic decision-making of corporate managers within their organizational and institutional boundaries. Her work has been published in numerous renowned journals, such as Strategic Management Journal, Global Strategy Journal, Management Accounting Research and Organization & Environment.

Given her goal of helping to understanding what constitute sustainable corporate strategy activities, Kerstin has been working since 2010 as a research committee member in a global, large-scale research program, which aims to investigate the evolution towards sustainable enterprise models (“Golden for sustainability”, directed at the ICRIOS research center of Bocconi University). Kerstin serves the academic community in numerous ways, e.g. by organizing workshops and tracks and by regularly presenting her work at her main conferences of interest, by acting as a reviewer for several journals, by engaging in inter-disciplinary research grant writing efforts and by assuming roles as editorial board member and interest group representative. She is a member of AoM, SMS and EGOS and she is affiliated member of IGRIOS.

Kerstin Neumann has continuous experience in teaching (in German and English) undergraduates and graduates since 2003, in teaching PhD students (since 2012) and executives (since 2013). In her teaching, she focuses on core strategy, corporate sustainability and organization theory courses, business projects on specific strategic and organizational topics and courses on research design and academic writing. To date, she supervised more than 40 bachelor/master/diploma thesis.

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