Gabriele Chiogna

Gabriele Chiogna

Gabriele Chiogna is Professor for Sustainable Resources Management and a member of the “Innovation Lab for Sustainability” at the University of Innsbruck. He leads also the group Water Quality and Solute Transport at the Catchment Scale at the Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management (Prof. Dr. Ing. Disse) at the Technical University of Munich, where he teaches lectures focusing on environmental remediation strategies and water management.

He graduated in Physics at both the University of Trento and the University of Tübingen in 2007, with a thesis on the solution of the derivative Riemann problem in special relativistic hydrodynamics. He holds also a Master Degree in Applied Environmental Geosciences (University of Tübingen), with a thesis about compound-specific dispersion in porous media. In 2011, Gabriele received his PhD in Geology from the University of Tübingen, where his research focused on transport of contaminants in the subsurface. He was then Post-Doc at the University of Trento, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, until 2013. During this period, he extended his research towards surface hydrology and water resources management. Between 2013 and 2014, he worked as a Post Doc at University of Tübingen and he was also visiting scientist at the Stanford University and at the University of Chile.

The main goal of his research is the development of quantitative models which can provide a more realistic prediction of water availability and quality in Alpine catchments. This is a challenging field of research since it requires interdisciplinary knowledge such as hydrology, hydrogeology, (bio)geochemistry, geology, fluid mechanics, physics, mathematics and statistics. Current ongoing projects focus on the coupling between hydrological models and socio-economical drivers, such as aquifer overexploitation, energy production and the impact of anthropogenic activities on water quality.

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