Innovation Lab for Sustainability

Plastic in the oceans, the quality of alpine waters or economic challenges are just some of the questions that Kerstin Neumann, Gabriele Chiogna and Martin Stuchtey deal with in the "Innovation Lab for Sustainability". The scientific exchange on sustainable resource management underscores the interests of the university. 

Gabriele Chiogna, Kerstin Neumann und Martin Stuchtey hielten ihre Antrittsvorlesungen
Gabriele Chiogna, Kerstin Neumann and Martin Stuchtey

Kerstin Neumann, professor at the Institute for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism, Gabriele Chiogna and Martin Stuchtey, professors at the Institute of Geography, are part of the "Innovation Lab for Sustainability" at the University of Innsbruck, a transdisciplinary center supported by the Stiftungsfond für Umweltökonomie und Nachhaltigkeit GmbH (SUN). The professors focus on issues of sustainable resource management. The overall aim of the lab is to make the subject of sustainability even more visible at the University through the establishment of this interdisciplinary institution. Applicable solutions for resources management will be developed considering both stakeholders’ interests as well as a responsible management of natural resources. 

The positioning of the lab also makes it possible to offer a platform where the many, scientifically excellent research initiatives of the university - in various areas of sustainability – can cooperate even more strongly with each other. 

The raising awareness for a sustainable use of the environment and the search for solutions leading to alternative economic models is becoming more and more important. Neumann, Chiogna and Stuchtey try to make a scientific contribution with their professional expertise to the social discourse within the framework of the "Innovation Lab for Sustainability".



Supported by: SUN Institute Environment & Economics

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