The aim of the summerschool is to give the girls a good overview about every subject in the MINT.  There will be different course in the area of mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry, civil & environmental engineering, mechatronics and geo&atmospericscience. In the courses the schoolgirls will get an overview of the subject and the study of each area.


  • Our summerschool will be starting at 24.07.2017 and will end at 28.07.2017. We will provide the girls a full timetable of the week and a description about the location.
  • A successful participation on the Sommertechnikum is free for all school girls. The University of Innsbruck will provide perambulator for the participating schoolgirls.



The registration for the summerschool can be done after a commitment on one of our internships. A registration for the summerschool is also acceptable for people who does not have an internship but without an internship the participant will not get a certificate. Please register with an E-Mail to the responsible staff at the university.

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