Conservatism in the Post-Soviet Context: Ideology, Worldwide or Moral Choice?

08-09 May 2017 | Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies


Mark Bassin, Lev Gumilev and the European New Right

Per-Arne Bodin, The Revival of Grand Prince Vladimir

Thomas Bremer, The Russian Orthodox Church and its Conservative Partners in the West

Alicja Curanovic, Conservatism and Russian Contemporary Exceptionalism

Ilia Kalinin, Genetically Modified Conservatism or Why Culture matters

Mikhail Lukianov, Russia and the West in Conservatives’ Political Discourse in Late Imperial Russia

Kåre Johan Mjör, “Russia's Thousand-Year-Old History": A Standard Phrase in Post-Soviet Russian Conservative Thought and its Meaning(s)

Victor Shnirelman, Russian Neo-conservatism and Apocalyptic imperialism

Andrei Shishkov, NeoPalamism as Construction of Orthodox Theological Tradition and Conservative Ideology

Mikhail Suslov, Slavophile Tradition in Russian Conservatism

Dmitrii Uzlaner, Logic of “Scapegoating” in the Discourse of Traditional Values: Debates on Juvenile Justice in Russia




Suslov, Mikhail & Uzlaner, Dmitry (eds.): Contemporary Russian Conservatism. Problems, Paradoxes and Perspectives, Eurasian Studies Library (13), 2019, Brill


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