• Infineon Technologies Austria AG
    Infineon Technologies AG, with its headquarters in Munich, is an international semiconductor company with some of the most modern production facilities in Asia, America, and Europe. Around 35,000 employees work in 17 countries worldwide. Infineon is one of the top ten semiconductor manufacturers in the world. Infineon Technologies Austria AG in Villach is well-known through the Innovation Fab, having the possibility to combine the development and the manufacturing aspect at the same site. By developing, producing, and selling cutting-edge semiconductor solutions, Infineon strives to be an innovative and customer-oriented industry leader.

  • Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles SRL
    Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles SR is focused on the engineering and advanced manufacturing of novel architectures of road and air electrical vehicles. IFEV is a member and major driver of the cluster Torino e-district, addressing the overall value chain of electromobility with a focus on EVs.

  • ETH Zürich
    The Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule Zürich is among the world’s leading research institutions in the engineering and physical sciences. It is regularly ranked as the leading university in mainland Europe, and its reputation attracts internationally excellent researchers from all over the world. The Trapped Ion Quantum Information (TIQI) group is situated in the Institute of Quantum Electronics. The TIQI group is connected to other groups in Switzerland via the National Center in Research Excellence in Quantum Science for Information Technology (NCCR QSIT).

  • University of Innsbruck
    The group around Prof. Rainer Blatt, co-led by Dr. Thomas Monz and Dr. Philipp Schindler, at the University of Innsbruck is a world-leading research group in the field of ion-trap based quantum information processing, quantum computation, quantum simulation, and quantum networks. The group is embedded in a network of both experimental and theoretical researchers at the University of Innsbruck, with more than 20 research groups strongly collaborating in the field of quantum technologies.
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