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Exciting news from the lab

2019-10-09 Exciting news from the lab

Silke Auchter and a team at Infineon Technologies has fabricated an ion trap that holds multiple individual trapping wells disposed above two parallel strings of electrodes, forming a 2D lattice. The image shows four calcium ions trapped 120 µm above this microfabricated trap, which is operated at cryogenic temperatures.
"This trap is a 'prerunner' for even more complex microfabricated 3D ion traps that we aim to produce and test in the PIEDMONS project", says Yves Colombe from the University of Innsbruck.
The image was taken by PhD student Marco Valentini, who runs the experiment together with Philip Holz and Kirill Lakhmanskiy. The image is a superposition of two image data: one of the trap chip to show the electrode structure and one of the ions' fluorescence at 397 nm wavelength.

PIEDMONS @ ObergurglPIEDMONS @ Obergurgl

2019-09-12 Retreat in Obergurgl, Austria

More than 80 members of the University of Innsbruck, IQOQI, AQT in Innsbruck (Group of Rainer Blatt), ETH Zürich (Group of Jonathan Home), University of Mainz (Group of Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler) and Infineon Technologies in Villach met from September 8 till 12 in Obergurgl, Austria to discuss the newest experimental results. From PIEDMONS Rainer Blatt, Thomas Monz, Yves Colombe, Giovanni Cerchiari, Marco Valentini, Philip Holz, Kirill Lakhmanskiy, Jonathan Home, Chris Axline, Silke Auchter, and Michael Sieberer took part. Silke and Marco presented 2D and 3D microfabricated traps, and Michael Sieberer gave a talk on integrated circuits for ion traps. Silke also presented two 200 mm wafers with microfabricated surface ion traps produced by Infineon.

PIEDMONS @ Brussels

2019-09-03 First Review Meeting in Brussels

Members of the PIEDMONS team were in Brussels on 3 September to present the progress of the project. The work package leaders presented the outcomes of the first year and discussed the advances with the reviewers from France, Germany and Spain.

PIEDMONS @ European Forum Alpbach

2019-08-22 PIEDMONS @ European Forum Alpbach

PIEDMONS took part in the "Quantum Exhibition" at this years European Forum Alpbach in Austria on August 21st and 22nd. On display were micro-fabricated ion traps made by Infineon Technologies Austria. With a simple video microscope visitors could have a look at the internal structure of the traps.


2019-08-20 Ion trap with integrated waveguides

At the Fifth International Conference on Quantum Error Correction (QEC '19) in London, Chiara Decaroli and Chris Axline from PIEDMONS partner ETH Zurich presented their plans for using novel ion trap technologies to build logical qubits with which to perform quantum error correction. "Our ion trap quantum processor uses an ion trap with integrated waveguides, which deliver laser light to individual ions within an ion string", says Chris. "Such a configuration could be used to demonstrate error correction codes, like the 7-qubit Steane code, with greatly simplified operations compared to current methods." By creating high-fidelity trapped-ion logical qubits within zones that can be interfaced with one another, this technology demonstration fits within a framework for scalable fault-tolerant quantum computation.

At the conference in London there were about 80 posters during two poster sessions and five days of talks, including an invited talk by Jonathan Home on the group's work to encode logical qubits using the motion of trapped ions. In a conference highlighting cutting-edge theoretical work, the groups experimental plans served an important role in showing that these aspirations are being realized.

Members of the PIEDMONS team at the University of Innsbruck

2019-06-18 Meeting at the University of Innsbruck

PIEDMONS partners met in the middle of June at the Department of Experimental Physics at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, to discuss the progress of the EU Horizon 2020 project. Leaders of the work packages presented status reports and discussed further steps with the project members from Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

DPG 2019 Poster-Präsentation PIEDMONS

2019-03-15 New 2D ion trap array presented at DPG conference

At the DPG Spring Meeting of the the Atomic, Molecular, Plasma Physics and Quantum Optics Section (SAMOP) Silke Auchter of INFINEON presented a poster on microfabricated 2D array of ion traps based on a multi-metal-layer structure.

Two-dimensional configurations are essential for scalable quantum computation and simulation. The new 2D ion trap array consists of parallel 1D ion trap arrays on a microchip. The fabrication is carried out in a state-of-the-art industrial facility ensuring a high process reproducibility. A three-metal-layer structure provides shielding of the substrate and addressing of the DC electrodes across the chip. The design of the 1D arrays allows ion shuttling as well as tuning of the ion-ion distance in the arrays. Additionally, the distance between 1D arrays can be reduced by lowering an RF voltage. These capabilities should enable Coulomb ion-ion coupling in and between the 1D arrays.


2019-01-23 Infineon MEMS technology for quantum computers

Quantum computers have been on the radar of the high-tech company Infineon for quite some time now. The Villach site is in charge of coordinating the EU Horizon 2020 project PIEDMONS that addresses concrete issues related to the commercial use of quantum computers:

  • How to make the basic quantum system more robust to withstand external perturbations?
  • Will mobile applications be possible through miniaturization of quantum systems (including the corresponding control electronics)?
  • What role can onboard quantum computers play in ensuring safe communication within and between cars?

The Infineon project objectives are geared to the production of more robust quantum systems and miniaturization of the overall system by means of on-chip integration of the electronics needed. On-chip means that newly developed electronics will be installed directly at the small quantum system – they are currently still installed in large boxes next to the experimental set-up. The vision: Making quantum computers portable for the first time (hence the P in PIEDMONS).


2018-07-03 Kick-off Meeting

PIEDMONS partners met at INFINEON in Villach, Austria, for the official kick-off of the new Horizon 2020 project which aims at designing, implementing, experimenting and finding first applications for the basic building blocks of future quantum computers. Leaders of the work packages presented the first steps to reach these goals. The cooperation within the project was also discussed.

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