Saeva Scientia
Polemics and Defamation in Early Modern Science




Friday, 01/07/2022


13:30–14:00 Arrival & Registration
14:00–14:15 Welcome Address
Session 1
Chair: Dominik Berrens
14:15–14:50 Dominik Berrens (Innsbruck): Introduction: Forms of Polemics and Defamation in Early Modern Science
14:50–15:25 Ludovica Sasso (Münster): From Enemy in Real Life to dramatis persona: Poggio and Valla between Philological Criticism and Literary Construction
15:25–15:45 Coffee Break
Session 2
Chair: Martin Korenjak
15:45–16:20 Karl Enenkel (Münster): Zwischen polemischer Besitzergreifung und Plagiat: Erasmus‘ Apophthegmata
16:20–16:55 Robert Seidel (Frankfurt): On the Justification of Envy among Scholars. The Debate De licita invidentia in Dissertations of the Early Modern Period
16:55–17:10 Coffee Break
Session 3
Chair: Stefan Zathammer
17:10–17:45 Daniel Margócsy (Cambridge): The Republican Army of Letters: Military Metaphors and Scholarly Networks in Early Modern Science
17:45–18:20 Grigory Vorobyev (Innsbruck): Reference Omission as a Polemic Tool in Early Modern Zoological Writings
20:00 Dinner: Weißes Rössl, Kiebachgasse 8



Saturday, 02/07/2022


Session 4
Chair: William Barton
09:30–10:05 Julia Heideklang (Tübingen): In the Arena of Science: Mattioli against His Critics
10:05–10:40 Irina Tautschnig (Innsbruck): Teaching Copernicus a Lesson: Jacob Balde and the Fixed Sun
10:40–11:10 Coffee Break
Session 5
Chair: Irina Tautschnig
11:10–11:45 Sarah Lang (Graz): Non ille Bombastus! Iatrochymist Michael Maier’s Invectives and His Defenses of Alchemy
11:45–12:20 Eva Sahr (Würzburg): Averroes impius καὶ τρὶς κατάρατος: Humanist Attacks on Averroes in Sixteenth-Century Italy
12:20–13:00 Conclusion


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Universität Innsbruck
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6020 Innsbruck, Austria


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Universität Innsbruck
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Langer Weg 11
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